10 April 2019


            What are some myths about elite escort girls in London Knightsbridge


Knightsbridge: The Home Of Elite London Escorts

An affluent residential and retail district in South West London, Knightsbridge SW1X is identified as an international retail hub by the London Plan. Where does the name Knightsbridge come from? The Saxons named it Cnihtebricge around 1050, then Knichtebrig two centuries later in 1235; Knyghtesbrugg by 1364. This referred to the place where cnihtas met in the Middle Ages, a popular gathering location. There is a fascinating story about Sir Knyvett who slaughtered a thief when he was riding on horseback-and it is suggested that noble men and women used the bridge. Whatever the etymology of the name Knightsbridge and the purpose of this area in London, it certainly forms part of Medieval London's fascinating history.

In 2019, Knightsbridge is home to world class restaurants, luxury hotels, department stores and some of the most elite escorts in London. Harrods and Harvey Nichols leads the way for shopping in London, in addition to this, fashionistas would be delighted with the flagship Burberry store, Jimmy Choo and Prada. 

According to Zoopla, the average price for property in Knightsbridge sold was £3,187,307 as of May 2019. Apartment flats in Knightsbridge sold for an average of £1,334,426 and some of the most expensive properties are located in One Hyde Park. Currently, the landowners include Duke of Westminster, Lord Cadogan and the Wellcome Trust. The style of the properties shows which estates it belongs to; the Cadogan Estates own the red bricked Queen Anne Revival buildings, whereas the Grosvenor Estate owns the white stucco houses designed by Thomas Cubitt. 

Amidst the conspicuous spending and affluence of Knightsbridge, clients can hire the services of elite Knightsbridge escorts. These elite service providers can be found along Brompton Road SW7/area of South Kensington joined with Knightsbridge and the main area within SW1X postcode. Here are some of the biggest myths about escorts based in London Knightsbridge:

Myth 1. Knightsbridge escorts are the most expensive in London

London Escorts based in the Knightsbridge area SW1X are not the most expensive, statistically speaking, in London. Of course, there are VIP Knightsbridge service providers who charge more than the London average, and they exist in larger concentrations within the SW1X, SW7 postcodes. However, there are expensive, highly elite escorts based in Chelsea SW3, Marylebone NW1, Mayfair W1K and even Marble Arch W2. Knightsbridge is certainly one of the most affluent areas in London with a select coterie of clients for Knightsbridge escorts. However, it is a myth that the escort girls based in Knightsbridge are the most expensive in all of London.

Myth 2. Summer time is the busiest times for Knightsbridge escorts

Knightsbridge is a main tourist attraction and throughout Summer, second home to some of the high net worth individuals from around the world. It is notable for the number of wealthy Arabic, American, and Chinese visitors throughout the Summer months. However, this fact does not correlate with the busiest times for Knightsbridge escorts. Summer is a great time to book Knightsbridge escorts in London, but it is not the peak month for the escorting business. Knightsbridge escorts may find other months busier for incall bookings, and for outcall bookings to hotels. It depends on their individual business competence and clientele. For some Knightsbridge escorts, December is busier than Summer.

Myth 3. Knightsbridge escorts are the most conventionally attractive

Beauty is very subjective in the London escorting industry; a prerequisite for escorting is to be desirable to men, but the standards of beauty is different for culturally diverse London. Thus, if the highest standard of beauty is a supermodel's physique, blonde hair and caucasian features, then there are Knightsbridge escorts who do not have these phenotype genes. They are gorgeous women with a different ethnic flavour-some are BBW escorts, whereas others do have a supermodel figure. They could be stunning brunettes, or girl next door blondes with a petite figure. The point is to appeal to clients with different tastes in feminine beauty. Yes, Knightsbridge escorts are very attractive by most standards, however, they do not all fit into the conventional standards of beauty. 

Myth 4. You will find more escorts providing PSE services in Knightsbridge

There is a growing demand for PSE escort services in London, but it is not true that there are more PSE escort service providers in Knightsbridge. There are just as many massage, GFE, and fetish escorts in Knightsbridge-and they cater to different client tastes. PSE services may be advertised by Knightsbridge escorts because this commands a premium price, but it is no more prevalent than an area such as Bayswater W2, Canary Wharf E14 or South Bank SE1. 

Myth 5. Knightsbridge escorts are all rich 

There is a common misconception that Knightsbridge escorts have more disposable income or assets compared to escorts in others of London! Perhaps people associate the wealth of Knightsbridge with its inhabitants-and this is certainly not an accurate barometer of actual wealth. There are Knightsbridge escorts who make a good income from their clients, but this does not factor in their rents, work related expenses, nor their financial management skills. Escorts working in Knightsbridge target higher networth clients but they are not necessarily accumulating more assets or savings from their profession. A break down of an elite escorts expenses will reveal the marketing/living/working costs which chip away their profits. A rich escort may be better at marketing/managing finances and reducing expenses; she is much better at earning and accumulating assets for long term wealth.

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