06 February 2019


                                  Are there differences in English and British escorts in London?

Classification of English and British escorts

Great Britain includes England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland. The term British escorts in London is in fact, a broad umbrella term referring to escorts from any of those countries. Now, when we define English escorts, we are describing London escort girls who are English, speak English and with an English accent! 

Escorts from countries in Great Britain, such as Wales and Scotland, would rather call themselves Scottish escorts, or Welsh escorts to differentiate themselves from other service providers. Although they have the British citizenship, they may identify themselves as non-English. Historically, people from the non-English countries feel oppressed by the English-but we will not go into a history lesson in this blog. This explains why the Welsh and Scottish would gladly wave their flags and identify themselves as other than English.

However, when you see an escort advertised as British escort-she may be Welsh, Scottish, Northern Irish or English. It simply is a general term for escorts born in Great Britain. 

Where to find English escorts with an English accent

Great Britain has a diversity of accents and dialects, which is a beautiful thing to experience. There is the Irish, Welsh, Scottish and English accent. When clients specify to find an English escort with an English accent, how do they go about finding one?

There is no doubt that the English accent, or Received Pronunciation, is part of the appeal of English escort girls in London

In the sensitive political climate, escorts in London are careful not to advertise themselves as English because of the xenophobic connotations of this word. Thus, you will see more escort girls marketing themselves as British escorts. Which makes things more confusing when you are looking for English escorts!

Therefore, the best ways to find English escorts in London is to:

1.Find an escort agency in London that represents English escorts. There are several reputable agencies like this who have verified English escort models on their portfolio. 

2.Search the London escort review forums for service providers who are genuinely English

3.Use Google to find independent English escorts with their own websites and social media networks to connect with them.

As you can see, English escorts exist in London and you just need to dig a little deeper to source genuine English service providers

Where did English escorts come from originally?

In history, English comprises of Danish, Dutch and Germanic DNA; some early settlers were from Norway and Sweden also. Therefore, many English escorts have Germanic, Scandinavian or Anglo Saxon blood in them. The Welsh and Scottish, on the other hand, have more Celtic blood and some Spanish/Iberian heritage. 

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