14 September 2019


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Making the best impression with a high end escort wardrobe

High end escorting means presenting oneself as high end. Dressing classy is a prerequisite of being a high end escort in London.

Dressing classy simply implies sophistication and refinement in your choice of outfit. It also means being dressed appropriately, be it a business lunch, classy dinner party or intimate rendezvous at the client's hotel.

If you are advertising yourself as a high clas escort but not making the transition in your presentation, then read on:

The aim of this article is to guide you towards a classier wardrobe, a chic style that appeals to your target clientele. After all, knowing how to dress as a high end escort in London is an investment for years to come.

Tip 1: High end escort wardrobe is timeless

A high end wardrobe for a high end escort is a long term investment, so skip the trendy styles that would look passe within a month! Aim for flattering, and versatile outfits that you could wear in 5 years time. Have an elegant dinner to attend? That little black dress from a few years ago would still impress, given that your figure have not changed drastically. 

Timeless also means investing in quality clothes that look good. The fabrics and fit should look fabulous whether it is a booking with a client over Sunday brunch, shopping trip, travel escort booking or an intimate evening at his luxury hotel suite. Clients that choose high end escorts are not impressed by trends or specific designer labels, but they have an eye for quality. They admire the way high end escorts put different elements together to flatter their figure and let their beauty shine through. The escorting scene may be saturated in London, however, there are ways to stand out with your sense of style. It is about the timeless classics, poise and confidence instead of couture that costs thousands. If you are able to afford couture fashion working in this industry, then perhaps the next tip is more relevant for you!

Tip 2: Know your personal style as a high class escort model

Whether it is couture, understated elegance or bright colours, you have to define and know your personal style as an elite escort in London.

You have to show your style in your marketing-from the choice of photography to your tone of writing.

I can't tell you what your personal style is because it is something you have to identify with, feel comfortable in and confident. Does it project your mood, personality and escort services as a whole? Does it reflect your way of speech, body laguage, talents and heritage?

There are too many escorts who become someone they are not, and it is not necessary for their business. Because clients can sense when escorts are not truly being themselves, this can only hinder your earning potential. For instance, if you are a younger escort with a passion for sports, then you can showcase your personality with youthful, sporty styles. You can invest in luxury sportswear to show off your great figure or even style your hair differently to stand out. Of course, it is not the style for every clients but the clients who gravitate towards you will really appreciate what you have to offer. I have seen too many times, younger girl next door type of escort girls try to look older and sexier with agent provocateur lingerie and heavy makeup. Not only do they come across as aged and stiff in photographs, they find it difficult to maintain this persona. There are clients who prefer elite escort girls who look natural, youthful and comfortable in their own skin.

How do you know when you have defined your personal style?

When you have found your personal style as an elite escort, you would look great, appear more effortless, feel confident and adapt your style for when the occasion calls for it.

What outfits do you feel the most exquisite in, comfortable, confident and take pleasure in wearing? This is the outfit or style that will make you the most money as an elite escort. Never mind what other escort girls are wearing or the trends of the season; if you know you look stunning in certain outfits then this will work best for you.

Perhaps you are the elegant bohemian?

Chic minimalist?

Sophisticated dominatrix?

Or retro inspired femme fatale...?

Some elite escorts provide a niche service, and you are within this category, then your style can reflect the services you provide. I don't just mean wearing uniforms for a roleplay booking or PVC outfit for dominations session; you can opt for accessories or details in your dress/shoes that make you unique. Trust me, clients do notice and appreciate the visual presentation. 

Tip 3: Choose classic fabrics over trendy ones

High end escorts charge according to their presentation and other attributes that add value to a client's booking.

Escorting is an industry where appearance is highly valued. It becomes an expensive endeavour to dress like an elite escort so the best way is to choose classic materials that will last for many bookings. 

Lingerie made of silks and lace will always be dainty unless it is made of a sturdier fabric. If you want lingerie to be the focal point of your elite escorting wardrobe and not spend thousands on it every month, then opt for stronger materials. The same applies to hosiery. 

Not only do classic materials last longer and look far more expensive, they are versatile for a range of bookings. As an elite escort in London, classic fabrics would suit the most requested bookings, such as the Girlfriend Experience, dinner date, overnight, corporate function, party and evening out.

It is no wonder that fabrics such as silk, cotton, wool, leather and cashmere are popular with elite escort girls. These fabrics stand the test of time if they are maintained between each booking. Cleaning and maintenance should be part of your dress regime to give off that classy vibe.

I have yet to meet a high end escort girl who was not good at maintaining her clothes, or at least create the impression that she is! If you do not have the budget to maintain your work wardrobe, then opt for fabrics that do not require ironing or dry cleaning. 

Tip 4: If in doubt, opt for classy neutrals

When you are an elite escort working in London, your versatility can be an asset. Not only will it expose you to more clients, it will make attract clients who want to experience a full suite of services.

Your wardrobe plays a vital part in your versatility as a higher end escort. Trendy prints and fabrics are not as durable nor is it versatile when you need to switch roles between bookings. Smart escorts will opt for classy looking neutrals that will take them seamlessly from dinner to a party to an overnight. This applies to their choice of lingerie, hosiery, shoes and accessories. And who knows, being versatile could just win you a larger client base. Most elite clients appreciate a classy, sophisticated look.; trust me, they never get bored of an escort who dress this way!

Well, what are neutrals for an elite escort wardrobe? They include these classy colours: nude, beige, camel, white, cream, dusky pink, navy, black and gray. These are classic colours all year round and survive most fashion trends. If you enjoy wearing bright colours, then these neutral palettes will tone your overall look down whilst giving you that elegance. Colourful accessories should be an accent rather than dominate your entire look. Thus, you can wear outrageous heels with neutrals, an eyecatching scarf, belt or earrings. Although elite escorts are required to invest in a high end wardrobe, the use of neutral colours will ensure more combinations of looks and matching with accessories. This saves you time vis a vis clients and also score points when it comes to dressing elegantly.

A style tip for high end escort models: monochrome and block colours create an elegant silhouette. It lengthens the body and camouflages problem areas easily-it is also versatile for a full days or evenings work shift.

Tip 5: Form fitting is sexy

Some elite escort models swear by it, and others only opt for brands that understand the importance of this. It is tailoring and form fitting outfits!

Escorting is a very visual industry and elite escorts embody the fantasy that all men want. They would do anything to accentuate their best assets and looks because this translates to more money.

Tailored, flattering clothing are even more effective than SnapChat filters when it comes to showing off the figure. Examine your figure with a critical eye and decide what are your best attributes. Is it long legs? A larger bust? Small waist or elegant arms? Dress to draw attention to the areas you like and diminish the areas you would rather hide. If you are able, you can take clothes to the tailor to alter it for your figure. Some investment pieces of clothing can last over a decade so a little expense in alteration is nothing.

The more figure accentuating your outfit, the more dressed up you will look and this could be your style for a glamorous evening out with your client. Perfectly tailored clothing will always look more expensive and sophisticated. For added panache you could pair it with designer shoes or a handbag. It is a misconception that elite escort girls dress in designer from head to toe; they are experts at dressing for their figure instead.

Tip 6: Subtle and sexy is better than blatantly sexual

From the pose you use in your photography to the choice of clothing, an elite escort should never look overtly sexy.

Let me explain why.

There is blatant sexuality everywhere on display in the escorting industry, and the most erotic models do this to lure in clients quickly. These clients may not care about the quality of the service or even the girl, as long as her lady parts are on show and exposed for all to see. There is no sense of exclusivity or even elegance because everything is on display. Elite clients care more about the exclusivity of the model and prefer a bit of mystery.

A bit of feminine mystery, hinting at explicitness or nudity will draw in attention from higher paying clients. They could of course afford the girls showing everything and even explicitly sexual, but they are more intrigued by the escort girls fully clothed. It gives them something to pay for, like an exquisite appetizer before the main meal.

Appearing overtly sexual deters the elite clientele, rather than drawing them in.

Successful elite escorts understand that a bit of old school modesty will attract more admirers. These are the admirers that convert into higher paying clients and longer bookings. The potential client may be intrigued and want to know the escort better over dinner or an overnight night booking. If she is too sexual in her photographs and choice of clothing, it may draw the wrong attention in public and create the impression she has no other qualities than her sexuality. When clients pay premium for elite escort girls, they require a girl of substance.

A note on appropriate dressing and discretion, most elite clients are high profile men who do not want to draw attention to their personal lives. When they book elite escorts, they want the models to be dressed elegantly and discreetly. This means no overt cleavage, belly buttons, or the braless look. Skirts should be knee length and shoes appropriate for the event. If a client makes a dress request for classy and professional, you can be sure that he does not want the stripper look. Nor does he want bright garish colours. If in doubt, research or Google image the venue such as the hotel or restaurant to see what is the appropriate dress code for your booking!

Tip 7: Sophistication is simplicity: don't go overboard with accessories

Accessories help to complete your look as an elite London escort, but it should not overwhelm your outfit. Simplicity is key to looking elegant and also help you prepare for bookings quickly.

Small, discreet pieces of jewellery such as studs, simple bangles and watches look polished without going over the top. Costume jewellery is used sparingly or saved for special events. Other accessories such as scarves and brooches could add a dash of colour; be aware of the patterns and fabrics for a timeless look.

The same applies to shoes;opt for styles that are classic, easy to pair with different outfits and will last without breaking the bank. Trendy shoes are great but they don’t age well. Even if you go for statement shoes such as bright colours or bold prints, the quality matters. And, if in doubt, choose neutral colours and minimal details.

Tip 8: Sleek, healthy hair looks more high end

If you are blessed with shiny, thick and vibrantly coloured hair, then a simple style is all you need. Healthy hair is timeless and very attractive to your elite clientele. When the occasion requires, you can style it to look more sleek or structured. This is why many elite escorts have a hair curler or straightening tong. For a low maintenance yet elegant look, a low, sleek bun will do.

This article will not delve into how to care for your hair. Any hair care and salon visit can be seen as an investment in your escorting career. Not only will it elevate your overall look, healthy hair may get you more return business.

Tip 9: Subtle makeup to enhance your features (and look youthful)

Makeup makes a difference, even if you opt for the minimal makeup look. This is the veneer of polish to put on your face when everything else looks elegant; accessories, outfit and hair. In the escorting scene, a healthy, vibrant look is far more profitable and practical. Instead of heavy, stage makeup that gets smeared on clothing and bedding, minimal makeup will keep your face looking fresh and youthful. Believe it or not, clients still prefer some makeup, even if it is a bare faced look with glossy nude lips.

The main things to focus on in makeup are the brows, eyes, skin, and lips. You don’t need to do elaborate contouring, which will be smudged anyways during a booking. Also, if you look drastically different without makeup, this may make it a high maintenance look for dinner, overnight and travel bookings. It is enough stress to be charming and well presented throughout a booking, you don’t need to add more stress with your finicky makeup. Just a slick of mascara, brow gel, foundation and lipstick may be all you need to look fresh and modern. You may want to bring some makeup with you for touch-ups and adjust the look for evening, but keep it as simple as possible.

Tip 10: A high end wardrobe does not mean spending a fortune

When you are an elite escort in London, you will have many expenses from rent to advertising costs. Although you should strive to look elegant, it does not have to break the bank. Yes, every escort can look stunning in designer dresses, but you don’t need high end designer for every item of clothing. Shop around for different prices or even try the consignment stores to find second hand gems. Furthermore, you can style high quality non-designer brand clothing to look expensive. Just pay attention to the colour, fabric, cut and fit. You should have clothes that last a few years at least working as an escort-there are many events for you to attend and clients to see.

Many elite escorts also use sales, online fashion apps, and discount vouchers to build up their wardrobe. Developing a timeless style will always cut costs in the long run and make you appear more high end.

Tip 11: Pedicures and manicures-paying attention to details

Elite escorts embody the fantasy of the perfect woman, so this means paying attention to the details that make them look more feminine. A manicure and pedicure are not details to overlook; they are an extension of your overall look. Especially if you have great shoes or accessories that you wish to show off, having pampered nails will bring attention to them even more. Having relaxing spa or salon sessions to maintain your nails is not only good for your well-being, it makes you appear more high end.

Clients prefer short to medium length nails, nude nail polish or French manicure for elite escort girls. The simplicity is more sophisticated and easier to pair with different colours/outfits. If you opt for brighter reds or pinks/even unconventional colours, keep your nails trimmed, healthy and clean. These are details that your client will appreciate.

Tip 12: Maintenance and keeping things clean

The devil is in the details and this extends to dressing like an elite escort. No matter what you choose to wear, your presentation should be neat, tidy and clean. This means that your outfit is ironed, smelling fresh, together with clean hair and nails. Make sure that you have no loose threads, hanging buttons, a ladder in your stocking or part of the accessory is missing. It is common sense and will make your outfit much classier.


Don't automatically think that dressing for a client, even a VIP one, should be expensive and fussy. You already have the essentials such as flattering colours and fit, just make sure that the details are attended to and the fabrics are of high quality. Escorting is a service where presentation is really important. As an elite escort, your aim is to look as elegant and classy as possible. 

So look through your wardrobe and evaluate the outfits that you have-do they make you appear high value, sophisticated and flatter your figure? Unfortunately, this is not the time to dress down for a casual day off; your clients are paying you to be their fantasy woman. The fantasy for higher paying clientele is an elegant, sensual woman who is confident in her attire. 

Just because you present yourself as classy and chic does not mean you have to water down your personality. You can express yourself with accessories, print details and accents of colour. What I mean by maintaining a classy image is that you should look expensive, because your rates will be expensive, as well as the high end venues you will be taken to during the booking. When you are an elite escort, looking elegant will make you more versatile for dinner, party and longer bookings where the money is to be made. When you have invested in the right outfits, hair and nails that accentuate your best features, it really becomes more lucrative for your escorting career and worth every penny!

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