11 January 2014


                           Elite escort girls who tour the world 

Elite Touring Escorts                                                

You can see them on the arm of dignitaries in Los Cabos one week, dining al fresco in Avenue Princess Grace of Monaco the next and cheering the Toboggan Run in Graubunden region of St.Moritz by that same weekend; the agenda of an elite international escort is very hectic and when one is in demand, then the rewards from frequent flier miles can be great too. The life of a touring escort is constantly on the move, and planned out months in advance.

Seasonal Troughs in Business

Living out a suitcase may not be for every escort, but the intense schedule of a touring escort is to ensure the maximum exposure and number of bookings throughout the business year. If an elite escort resides in any one City for a long time, the she will experience the peaks and troughs of her business with the different seasons. Some months in Cannes are quiet, when it is busier in London, and when London is quiet, the escort may receive booking inquiries from Geneva...such is the way of things when clients travel frequently and the world is their playground.

The advantages of touring the world is obvious with the lucrative earnings and opportunity to travel to some of the most beautiful and exclusive resorts with clients, but the downside of constant travelling also exists. One of them is the failure for an escort to establish a large client base in a single city; for most high class escorts, the client base in a major city would be enough to keep her in the black, and there is no need to do much travelling. Some other disadvantages would be the hassle and costs of finding accommodation, bypassing the local laws and making sure the connections or advertising are set up well.

Nevertheless, more high class escorts than ever are considering touring internationally, especially in light of the UK recession and economic slowdown in other European cities. 

A short lived but lucrative career

They say escorting is one of those careers with a high attrition rate. Burn out is common and so are the occupational hazards such as being outed, harassment and alienation from friends and family. In a short window of time, an elite escort must utilise her youth and energy levels to make the maximum income for herself. Escorting is also a career where lucrative earnings in inversely proportional to a woman's age; whereas a corporate environment would award higher salaries for seniority, an elite London escort's most lucrative years are in her late 20s and mid-30s, with the odd exceptions of course. Therefore, being the astute and canny business women that they are, elite escorts will try to make the most of opportunities abroad during their short career. Escorts who tour must be well-organised, athletic to endure the rigours of travelling and sometimes even fluency in multiple European or Asian languages. In an increasingly globalised world, with Fusion cuisine de rigeur flavour of the moment, and foreign etiquette becoming normalised, elite London escorts are comfortable with different currencies, cultures and time zones.

Shifting Financial Powers

At the time of writing in January 2014, London is the city with the greatest financial powers according to the Global Financial Centres Index 2013 and also the biggest Islamic finance centre outside of the Middle East. However, with the levy of taxes on financiers and shifting of power to cities such as Hong Kong (strong equity markets and banking system as well as IMF forecast of growth), Singapore (less taxation) and New York, the number of London escorts may dwindle in the next decade or so. There is a real possibility that many of these London escorts would be touring escorts with a nomadic existence around the world.

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