03 January 2018



London's Fabulous Fund Fair 2018

The Fabulous Fund Fair is a unique elite humanitarian event created by Natalia Vodianova, in collaboration with Karlie Kloss, within the Naked Heart Foundation. This event brings together a number of celebrities to collect money for children with special needs. Nevertheless, although it is organized for humanitarian purposes, the Fabulous Fund Fair is truly fabulous and unique in all its parameters.

The Fabulous Fund Fair is far from ordinary traditional humanitarian events that involve the gathering of famous people, dinner at a luxury hotel or a similar facility and the collection of cash funds for assistance. The Fabulous Fund Fair is much more than that, and the only similarity to traditional humanitarian actions is that both come from famous people from the world of business, politics, film, fashion, and people who simply, thanks to the luxury they have, want to help. This fair is extremely well-equipped with numerous stands, games and various attractions that serve to entertain guests. At the fair, guests can even try their luck in a variety of challenges like hoopla, hook-a-duck and skittles, and all income goes to the Naked Heart Foundation, while Maxx Royal Resorts, Dior and Guerlain are just some of the participants at the fair.

The first Fund Fair was held in London in 2015, and very soon it became remarkable. In 2018 this fair will be held in London's Roundhouse on 20 February 2018 and it will be unique. The theme of the fair will be space. The Fabulous Fund Fair will be held during London Fashion Week and will certainly be one of the best entertainments in London that will be celebrated by many celebrities. At the previous Fabulous Fund Fair some of the guests were Ellie Goulding, Stella McCartney, Naomi Campbell, Taylor Swift, Cara Delevingne and many other public figures, and there is no doubt that the Fund Fair 2018 will also be just as fun as in previous years.

The central and main attraction at the Fund Fair is The Wheel of Fortune, located in the central part of the Roundhouse. From there, you can see the whole room. The spot is reserved only for selected persons and VIP guests who want to donate to turn the wheel. For the turning point, 20 awards are guaranteed, from which guests, when turning the Wheel of Fortune, can certainly win one. Only 500 tickets or a suggested donation of £ 1,000 is available for this event.

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