23 March 2020


                                    Coronavirus pandemic frequently asked questions at Haute Girls London escorts agency

Haute London Escorts Agency FAQs About Coronavirus

In our London escorts agency FAQs about Coronavirus, you will find information for clients and independent escort contractors concerned about the novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 or COVID-19. This guidance will be updated daily:

1. What should I do if I have symptoms of Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Please follow the latest NHS advice on the Coronavirus here

If you are an escort in London experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, use the NHS 111 service online for advice. You may call Haute Girls London for guidance but we will refer you to the NHS 111 service. You can call the NHS 111 service on 111 and they will handle urgent medical problems. Our 24 hour escorts emergency number is 07594957321 and you can contact us on WhatsApp too.

2. What precautions are Haute Girls London agency taking to prevent the spread of Coronavirus?

Haute Girls London will be monitoring Public Health England updates about the spread of COVID-19 Coronavirus.

We are still operating to take calls but offering limited services:

-We will not be taking advance reservations for escorted travel bookings.

-Our available London escorts may provide limited services at their discretion. These limited services options include video sessions with clients and no contact booking. Please consult with us about the services available.

-We may refuse outcall escort bookings to client's London residences at our discretion.

-Escorts at Haute Girls London are not allowed to work if they experience flu symptoms

-We will exercise our discretion to refuse clients with flu symptoms and underlying health conditions.

-Our London escorts will comply with rigorous hygiene standards such as anti-viral cleaning products, handwashing and sanitation of their incall environments. 

-Our London escort agency contractors will limit all social activities to working and shopping for essential items only.

-Our Coronavirus precautions will be re-evaluated in compliance with the UK Government's guidance.

3. I am a self employed contractor with Haute Girls London. Due to the Coronavirus, I cannot work. What are my financial aid options?

The main options are

Universal Credit

If you work as a self employed escort in London, you may be able to claim Universal Credit if you are unable to work (and living on reduced income). Check if you are eligible and apply online for the Universal Credit Service. If you have any confidential questions about Universal Credit, contact the Citizens Advice Help to guide you through the application. Please note that your Housing Benefit, Income Support or Tax Credits will be affected by your Universal Credit claims. 

Universal Credit is assessed on household income and savings- if either you or your household partner have savings in excess of £16,000, you will not be eligible for Universal Credit. You will receive a reduced amount in Universal Credit if your savings is between £6,000 and £16,000. An application for Universal Credit requires paperwork evidence and they must be submitted online. Once you claim Universal Credit, you may be entitled to get help towards paying your Council Tax. Apply directly to your council's Local Council Tax Reduction Scheme

Self-employment Income Support Scheme

The Self-employment Income Support Scheme can help if you are self employed as an escort and have lost income due to coronavirus.

This scheme will allow self employed escorts (with trading profits of less than £50,000 in tax year 2018-19) a 3 month's taxable grant worth 80% of your profits. If loss of self employment income persists due to the coronavirus, the duration of 3 months may be extended. Escorts self employed in London will be considered for this scheme if they have already submitted an Income Tax Self Assessment tax return for the tax year 2018-19 and had the intention to trade in the tax year 2020-21. If you have not submitted your Income Tax Self-Assessment tax return for escorting in the tax year 2018-19, you must do this by 23 April 2020. HMRC will contact self employed escorts eligible for the scheme and invite you to apply online.

If you are a self employed escort with trading profits in excess of £50,000 for the tax years 2019, 2018 and 2017, you can defer self income tax payments due on the 31 July 2020 until 31 January 2021. London escorts in the highest earning brackets and registered for VAT can defer Value Added Tax payments due between 20 March 2020 and 30 June 2020 for 3 months. 

Savings, Insurance, Mortgage Lenders, emergency legislation for renters and utility bill repayments

We always encourage our London escorts to save as buffer against economic uncertainty. If you have savings in the bank, some UK banks and building societies now allow you to access them without penalties. 

What about insurance policies used to cover your mortgage payments? Many London escorts with mortgages have Payment Protection insurances that will pay out when you are not able to work. Check with your policies about the minimum time period before these insurance policies pay out. Mortgage lenders in the UK have announced that they will offer a repayment holiday of up to 3 months, applicable to buy-to-let mortgages as well. Talk to your mortgage lender immediately about your financing options and what the terms would be.Banks offering a mortgage holiday include Halifax, Lloyds, Bank of Scotland TSB, NatWest, Santander, Barclays, HSBC, Nationwide, Clydesdale bank, Virgin money, Ulster Bank Co-operative bank, First Direct, Metro Bank of Ireland and Danske Bank.

If you are escorting in London from a rented accommodation, then you will not be evicted for nonpayment during the coronavirus. Your landlord will have to suspend evictions for at least 3 months, during which they cannot apply to the court to start possession proceedings. All landlords in the United Kingdom can apply for a 3 month mortgage payment holiday so they should not exert any pressure on you to pay the rent. At the end of the 3 months, if you still have difficulty paying your rent arrears, your landlord is expected to help you with a repayment plan. 

Escorts in London experiencing difficulties with paying their gas or electricity bill can contact their provider and agree to an afforable repayment plan. It would be in your best interests to change to the best tariff plan for your needs. Even if you are in arrears with your utility bills, you can switch energy providers for a better tariff. 

If you pay for your car on Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) agreements, and struggle to make repayments, talk to yor car finance company as soon as possible. They may lower your monthyl payments or agree to another car financing plan to help you.

Borrowing and loans

Escorts in London experiencing a cash shortfall may see borrowing as the fastest option. However, we would not recommend any type of borrowing, be it from friends, overdrafts, personal loans or credit card debts. Borrowing more money will incur more debts which will exacerbate the financial hardships caused by coronavirus.

If you really must borrow, then look for the best interest rate and Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for how much you will repay n total. Pay special attention to the penalties. APRs for bank overdrafts are likely to be as high as 40%. Never approach illegal lenders, otherwise known as loan sharks to get money. The last resort would be to use a pawnbrokers to get secured loans from client gifts, or items of high resell value bought with your escorting income. Jewellery, smartphones, and designer bags are items escorts frequently use as collateral at the pawnbrokers. 

4. Will I get a police fine or criminal record for escorting during the Coronavirus?

Police will be monitoring public spaces for people who flout the lockdown rules. We would advise escorts in London not to meet clients in public spaces where police drones could capture footages.

Once caught in public, police could levy a fine of £30 increasing to £1000 if caught again. Refusal to pay the fine is considered a criminal offence. Escorts visiting clients for outcall bookings could be stopped by police officers. 

5. Will Haute Girls London remain open during the Coronavirus Pandemic?

Our London escorts agency will be open and operating with limited services throughout the Coronavirus pandemic. In case of any changes to this status, we will immediately inform our escorts. 

6. Am I required to pay my escort agency commissions during Coronavirus lockdown?

Due to the financial hardships experienced by our escorts in London, all agency commissions accrued during the UK lockdown will be deferred until the lockdown is lifted. 

If you have any questions with regards to the payment of your escort agency commission, please contact Haute Girls London. We can offer flexible commission repayment plans for escorts experiencing severe financial difficulties. 

7. Who is responsible for deciding if Haute Girls London escorts agency should remain open?

Haute Girls London follows the advice of the United Kingdom Government, Public Health England and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. The management behind our London escorts agency have decided to limit our services to show compliance with the Government guidance. 

8. I want to make changes to my escorting profile. Is this still possible?

Yes, you may make changes to your escorts profile at any time. Haute Girls London can be contacted 24 hours to make changes to your escorting rates, statistic, photographs and biography. 

To ensure the integrity of our escorts agency, we will not be creating duplicate profiles, or profiles of the same escort with different pricing. Please do not request us to do this for you. We encourage all of our London escorts to use the same set of promotional photographs for one pricing structure. 

9. I am anxious about my future as an escort. What will be the Coronavirus impact on London escorts?

At Haute Girls London, we understand that the Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak will change all of our lives for the foreseeable future. As a result, you may be feeling stressed, and anxious about the impact of the contagion on the London escorts industry. We have written an article about the response of London escorts to the Coronavirus and the short term impact on the escorting landscape.

To summarise that article, the short term Coronavirus impact on escorting in London would be loss of income, change in client's spending habits, service restrictions due to London lockdown and an increase in virtual online services. No one is a psychic about the long term effects of the Coronavirus on the escorts industry. It's safe to say that losses in the financial markets will affect the demand for escort services. All escorts are advised to diversify their income as a long term contingency measure.

It is important to remember that you are not doomed and this situation is only temporary. There are simple things you can do to ease your anxiety;

  • Maintain connections with people via phone or the internet during social distancing. This is vital to our mental wellbeing to stay in touch with friends and family. 
  • Talk about your anxiety with people you trust or anonymously through Samaritans call 116 123
  • Support others with their concerns. Reach out to people to comfort them.
  • Prepare yourself with financial aids, and gather the documents required for application.Doing this can ease your anxiety if it is caused by a loss in income. 
  • Feed and hydrate your body with nutritional foods. A well balanced diet with plenty of water, vegetables and essential fatty acids can ease anxiety symptoms.
  • Exercise at home or leave the house for 1 form of exercise a day such as running, walking or cycling. 
  • Distance yourself from newsfeeds that exacerbates feeling of panic and distrust. Fact check news
  • Establish a home routine that makes you feel more in control of the situation. We all experience anxiety when events happen outside of our control, so set up a routine you do have control over.
  • Do things that you enjoy, whether that is perfecting a hobby, listening to music, watching a film or following a free online tutorial.
  • Do focus on the present with meditation and mindful breathing. There are many valuable resources online about meditation to alleviate anxiety and methods of deep breathing. 
  • Increase the quality of your sleep- follow good sleep hygiene and use a sleep tracker to see if you have unusual sleep patterns. Sometimes, the root cause of anxiety is low quality sleep.

Advice for Haute Girls London clients during COVID-19 contagion

10. I am a client with Haute Girls London. Can I still make duo escort bookings during COVID-19?

Our escorts at Haute Girls London will accept duo bookings at their discretion. Please note that during COVID-19, we will be restricting certain duo services including duo travel and outcall duo bookings to client hotels in London. 

Our London duo escorts have the discretion to refuse clients with flu symptoms. 

11. Can clients get discounts for booking London escorts during Coronavirus?

We are mindful that our clients may be experiencing financial hardships during the Coronavirus induced economic recession. Therefore, discounts for our London escort services may be offered at our discretion. 

Please note that we will not allow credit payments where you book escort services and pay later. 

12. I believe that I contracted Coronavirus from one of your London escorts. What should I do?

Measures are being taken by our London escorts to limit the spread of Coronavirus, such as providing a limited service. However, if you have developed COVID-19 symptoms of fever, difficulty in breathing and couging, then we would advise you to use the NHS 111 service. It helps to remain calm and not jump to conclusions about how you may have been infected with Coronavirus. 

13. I paid for a travel escort in advance. Due to Coronavirus, I must cancel. Do I get a refund?

We recognise that all escort travel bookings must be cancelled due to COVID-19 travel restrictions. Your travel booking deposit will be refunded to you without any further obligations and delay from our company's bank account. If you transferred the 30% travel deposit fee through an international bank account outside of the UK, it will take up to 5 working days for your refund to show in your account. We are not liable for any refunds of your hotel booking fees or flight tickets. You must consult with your airline and hotel cancellation policies about your refunds.

14. What can I do to help or show support for my favourite London escorts?

Clients are welcome to support their favourite London escorts affected by the Coronavirus events. Please contact us about sending direct donations, gifts and supportive messages to our escorts. Your help is much appreciated during these difficult times. 

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