17 June 2019


                     How do escorts in London screen their clients?

How Do Escorts In London Screen Their Clients?

Hello everybody, welcome to our latest blog post on Haute Girls London.

Today we are going to talk about how escorts screen clients.

You see, high end escorts working in London don't just see any client, so consider yourself a lucky man to get a booking!

Most escorts who call themselves high class escorts, are more selective about the clients they see and the process is called screening. This is to gain data about a client before agreeing to meet for the purpose of safety and sanity. Some clients sadly are timewasters and even potentially dangerous to escorts. They are in the minority, but there is just enough to make escorts working in London cautious. Therefore, they will screen clients carefully to make sure that a booking will go smoothly. 

Screening is to help escorts weed out clients who are dangerous, difficult to deal with, timewasters, and underage.

Clients also screen escorts to some extent but normally the escorts represented by a professional escorts service are screened already.

Some clients think that screening procedures are excessive but remember how escorts are putting themselves at risk by meeting a stranger and it may be one piece of information that costs her a life. There is always a fine line between being safe and giving clients a lot of privacy. It is understandable why clients are hesitant to hand over data about themselves, then it is up to the escort to weigh the risks and accept a booking.

I have heard some horror stories about escort girls who didn't screen clients properly and ended up being robbed, raped or assaulted. 

Like I said earlier, this does not happen a lot but it happens in a big city like London.

Screening criteria is different for every service provider. Most girls ask to talk on the phone and get some idea of the person they are seeing. A client may not hand over his passport or utility bill to an escorts service but he will agree to a brief chat on the phone. An escort will listen to the language he uses and how respectful he is. 

For outcall bookings to a hotel, an escort will verify his name and room number with the hotel; he may be asked to call from the hotel phone number. 

I have known some escort girls working in the USA to ask for a client ID, LinkedIn profile, work email address and more! Here in the United Kingdom escorts are a lot more lenient with screening their clients I find, but it still exists in London. Don't be surprised if your escort asks you for some ID-it is up to the client to decide whether he will give this information.

Personally, doing too much screening can really deter a client from making a booking. An escorts service represents their girls and care about their safety, on the other hand, they need business from clientele

Less obvious ways London escorts screen their clients

London is a cosmopolitan city with lots of people visiting daily; the escorts business is thriving in London and people are a bit more savvy about screening.

For instance, some escorts working in London refuse to see clients from certain ethnic backgrounds, ages and occupations. They have their reasons, however unfair it seems.

One of the less obvious ways to screen clients is to check their phone number-is it blacklisted on an escorts forum? It may be a number recorded on Ugly Mugs or Saafe Forum.  If it is an international number from a country that the escort does not want, she may decline the booking.

Another way is to see if the potential client is willing to pay a deposit to secure a booking. This is to screen him for having enough money for the booking and to check that he is serious about the booking. Too many clients flake on a booking; this costs the escort her time and monies earned from seeing other clients. 

It is wise for escorts working in London to network with each other and pass any information about clients who are not good. Escort agencies in London send each other messages about clients who are dangerous and waste their girl's time. This is to help each other out and ensure that escorts are safe. 

I have seen escorts post elaborate screening steps just to see if the client is willing to jump through the hoops to see her. As far as she is concerned, he needs to qualify himself as a suitable client and these are her rules.

Good or bad clients-it's a subjective matter

One of the pet peeves of escorts working in London is getting a client referred by another escort-and he turned out to be the worst client in every possible way.

Why do references fail escorts?

It is like a rating on Trip Advisor; some reviews are excellent but another person may have had a disappointing experience. 

I have had glowing reports about a certain client but then another girl tells me he should be blocked forever. It could be his personality clashed with the escort, he requested services she refused or he was just drunk on the day of the booking. This shows that recommendations about clients should be taken with a pinch of salt.

Generally, escorts working in London are trusting and weigh the risks of seeing a client. They also rely on gut feeling when the client is communicating with them. They say that women have good intuitions about people; most escorts have enough smarts to figure out clients with bad intentions. Money is not everything in this line of work and thats how successful escorts operate. 

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