08 April 2019


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How Do High Class Escorts Decide Their Rates?

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Today I'm answering the million dollar question- how much do escorts charge and I'll give you a hint it's not actually a million dollar question. Obviously you now know if you have browsed through this London escorts agency site that high class escorts charge for their time that is what differentiates them from certain other kinds of professionals.

There are three factors that influence how much an escort can charge they are:

1. Geography determines what the escort charges

Just as you would expect with hotel rooms or drugs or food or you know those kinds of things you cannot charge as an escort in Birmingham what you can charge as an escort in London- that's just the nature of things so the cost of living and the economy in general affect what you can ask for.

You can ask for whatever you want as an escort but it will affect whether you can make a handsome living asking for what you're asking for. I would say in London women earn two three maybe as much as four times as much as someone in somewhere like the North East, which has a much smaller population.

2. Quality of provider and the quality of escort service

 The other major factor that influences what an escort can charge is quality; the quality of the provider, the quality of the service that she will provides so this all has to do with attractiveness probably more than anything, education, poise, experience, charm. Just generally how desirable you are to be around.

3. Confidence in ones's ability to charge more

And the third factor which actually kind of relates to the second factor is arrogance you can call it-confidence whatever you want to call it a person's faith in their own abilities and desirability. I have seen a lot of people who I would think superficially speaking perhaps little less desirable than the average escort working in the London escorts industry who charged a few hundred pounds more, and I have seen elite level escorts charge very little for their services. 

A lot of it has to do with an escorts's own self-perception so geography quality confidence we'll call it confidence those are what affect how much you in charge. When I started I charged by the hour generally but I also charged based on the service that I was rendering so I had a price for sensual massage which while it's massage I would charge £80-£100 an hour. Then £150 for a full service. For a full Girlfriend Experience, perhaps £200 a hour. This is when the client expects you to be romantic with them and act as if they are your boyfriend, hence the GFE term.

What escorts charge can change with their career

An escort starting out at an elite escorts agency in London can charge £300 an hour and an overnight maybe multiply hourly rates by 12, 8, or 10 times. Some escorts offer discounts for overnight rates but a hard and fast rule is 8 multiple of the hourly rate.

The more hours the client books, the better value an escort would be.

New escort girls can also have a look at the competition-how much they charge per hour, the level of services they provide and the area of London they are based in. An escort girl working in expensive Mayfair will charge a lot more than an escort based in Peckham.

When an escort gets started in the competitive escorts industry, she doesn't want to price herself out of the market. There will always be low price points in the market-the middle, and then the high end side of the London escorts industry. The girl has to decide where she fits in and make sure that she can market herself accordingly.

There will always be exceptions, such as porn actresses who charge about 3 times more than the average escort, and women with such high self confidence, they will start off with prices at £600+ an hour. There's nothing wrong with pricing yourself very highly if you have the right advertising, the right image to attract higher end clientele, and you are willing to wait for work. I personally find that women desperate for money will charge a lot lower and then get a high volume of work. But over the long run, she might get burnt out working as an escort and charge more to reduce her bookings.

Why I mentioned career progression is because, the more experience an escort gains, the more likely it is that she will charge more. She might realise that her best attributes is her intelligence and witty conversation, so she really advertises being a travel escort, or a dinner date escort. She will charge thousands of pounds for travel bookings and at least £700 for a 3 hour dinner date. If she was not able to carry an intelligent conversation, she would emphasise her appearance and how sexy she looks.

How saturated is the escorts market in London?

London has a very saturated escorts scene, but thats not to say women can't make a lucrative career from escorting. She has to charge the right amount to get the volume of client she needs. She also needs to be aware of the level of competition, expenses and how much effort she is realistically putting into the work.

A part time escort may charge differently from a full time escort.

An escort working from a London bedsit will charge differently from an escort working in a luxurious Mayfair apartment.

A student escort may charge differently from a seasoned escort with years of experience.

A model with incredible looks will charge more than an average looking escort in London.

An escort with film credentials/high profile/celebrity status will be priced at the elite end of the spectrum.

Have a little research into the London escorts scene and dig for information. There are reasons escorts charge what they charge related to self confidence, location and experience in the industry. There will always be escorts in London who overcharge and those who undercharge. Which side of the scale are you on, and are you happy with what you charge vs the amount of bookings you are getting?

Haute Girls Guide To How Much To Charge As An Escort

Working in London:

Escorts in London can expect to charge £100-£150 at a low priced escort agency

For high class or elite escort agencies, the girls charge £150-£600 an hour

For exclusive/very high end escort agencies, the prices start from £600 an hour to thousands of pounds an hour.

Assess your looks, education, services and location realistically.

Browse through the gallery of London escorts and decide where you fit in.

A great rule of thumb is to talk to an escort agency who knows what prices escorts charge and how much business they can get at that price.

Remember that, every escort is different. 

If you charge £100-£150 an hour: You would be expected to look presentable, have a decent level of English, hygiene, basic full service or GFE. Your body does not need to be perfect but you carry yourself with style. £100-£150 is the most popular rate in London-it is considered on the lower end of the pricing scale, but clients think this is great value for money. 

If you charge £200-£300 an hour: You would be objectively 7/10 in attractiveness; your lingerie/wardrobe is high class, good hygiene and level of service. Consistent levels of service will get you more business. Good English is a must. If you offer an incall location in London, it should be in central London, in an affluent area and discreet.  In terms of service, GFE with some PSE, dinner date and overnight services.

If you charge £400-£500: You are very attractive 8/10 or more in looks; your wardrobe is designer. You have something that sets you apart from competition, be it your looks, personality and standard of service. To get business consistently in London at this price, your incall location is immaculate, you always look well groomed and expensive. Services include GFE, some PSE, dinner and overnight.

If you charge £600: You are stunning in looks or appear exquisite in some way; good education, poise, luxury incall address, perhaps a model like physique or portfolio of glamour modelling. You always look impeccable and your photographs look very professional. Services include GFE, PSE, some fetish, travel, dinner and overnight. I see escorts charging £600 get consistent business when they are very attractive, highly skilled and personable. 

If you charge more than £600+: You are a porn actress, have some minor celebrity status, a catwalk model or exceptional in looks. You may be highly educated, private education or just very upper class in your style. Your photographs look expensive and your level of service is excellent.

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