06 January 2018



L'Oscar Luxury London Hotel Opening

L'Oscar Hotel London always tries to offer its visitors a new, new luxury restaurant, a spa resort or an exclusive café and that is what makes this capital so special. Every new arrival in London is actually an opportunity to go for a new exclusive place or try a kitchen in a new restaurant at an exclusive location. Yes, London is not sleeping but is trying to process its faithful visitors with new and interesting content that will give them a great impression. Almost every year in London, new, luxurious hotels are being opened, that exclusive guests certainly can not wait for. In this article, get acquainted with the L'Oscar Hotel that will open in 2018 and which will surely quickly reach many faithful guests.

If you are wondering why the L'Oscar Hotel will be distinctive and recognizable, the answer is- everything! This hotel is actually the former Baptist Church in Holborn which has been transformed into the most modern hotel. So, the location itself is pure extravagance. The interior was done by the renowned French designer Jacques Garcia who made both the interior of the hotel in La Mamounia in Marrakech and Hôtel Costes in Paris. The works of this designer are fascinating and very recognizable. In every hotel Jacques Garcia actually designs an atmosphere in which it is impossible to remain indifferent, and from March 2018 her signature and style will be seen for the first time in London at the L'Oscar Hotel. The building in which the hotel is located was built at the beginning of the 20th century and represents an exceptional building, just because it once was a Baptist church.

The original interior design of the building, including the terracotta biblical narratives located above the marble fireplace, is complemented by Garcia's fascinating bohemian exuberance. The former chapel located downstairs is now a restaurant called The Baptist Grill, run by the famous safe deposit box Tony Fleming, all well known for the Michelin star it got for The Angler and Moorgate's South Place Hotel. When it comes to rooms, it is very difficult to describe them with words. The hotel has 39 rooms and each has a special atmosphere. They are exceptionally luxuriously arranged, with a lot of style and details that have been specially considered. The design in rich reds is dominant, as well as deep purples, burnished golds to which damask was added, but also silks and velvets. The hall is decorated in purple leather, and one should mention the fascinating Champagne coupes with hollow stems.

L'Oscar Hotel will surely become popular among guests who prefer luxury and extravagance at an exclusive address, with unique interior. Definitely, you should not miss the opening of this hotel in the early spring 2018 on Southampton Row, Holborn, London.

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