16 March 2020


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A Lingerie Guide For Elite Escorts

In this luxury lingerie guide for London escorts, we will be sharing our best tips for lingerie brands to wear as an elite escort girl, and the most profitable, flattering ways to wear lingerie.

Luxury lingerie is one of the most terrifying phrases for escort girls -they can be a hefty expenditure! At the same time, finding the right lingerie is a worthwhile investment for escorting work.

Firstly, let us establish why the more elite end of the escorting marketing invests in luxury lingerie. Elite escort girls, especially in affluent cities such as London, are higly competitive. There is fierce competition for clients who pay for elite escorting services. Escort girls advertising as elite do strive to perfect their appearance, mannerisms and suite of services. It is not as simple as saying; lingerie is just part of the elite escort's uniform. It is a way to differentiate one elite service provider from another and also to express the personality through their choice of lingerie!

So how do you discern your suspenders from your garter belts? Baby dolls or chemises? Full bras or balconettes? There are many choices of luxury lingerie, but not all are suitable for you. 

Lingerie tip 1 for female escorts: wear properly fitted lingerie

If you are working in a city like London, you can get properly fitted at a lingerie boutique store. Rigby & Peller in Mayfair Conduit Street W1S 2XT does excellent fittings, and there is no obligation to buy. The Selfridges section for lingerie in Oxford Street W1A 1AB also does appointments for fittings. 

Properly fitted underwear, look more bespoke. It is primarily about your comfort too and wouldn't you like to know your true bra size?

As an elite escort girl, it is important to wear lingerie that fits, look expensive (more so than the actual cost), and gives your assets a boost. It does not matter a jolt if your lingerie is from La Perla, or Primark, badly fitted lingerie immediately looks tacky and will diminish your elite branding.

London escort girls with very elite clientele will even have tailored, specially designed lingerie. This may seem excessive, but it is a worthy investment for comfort and a bespoke design. Escort girls tend to choose similar brands of lingerie, so this is a way to differentiate yourself from the rest. 

Lingerie tip 2: invest in lingerie sets as an escort, always have matching pieces

Do you know how frustrating it is to have a stunning bra and not have matching panties or thongs to go with it? Being an elite escort demands that everything matches, so always purchase lingerie sets. Once you have a few workhorse sets of lingerie, you have a foundation for the rest of your work wardrobe.

This is a top tip for escort photography shoots as well; bring sets of lingerie instead of individual briefs or bras. Lingerie sets look more cohesive and expensive. Every escort should own a lingerie set that has the wow factor -it is photogenic for the studio and also for clients. These include designs that make your figure pop, colours that flatter your skintone and over the top details which will make your client's imagination run wild. When it comes to choosing lingerie for escorting work, no half measures please! This is a visually driven business where comfort must give way to the visual effect. Buying lingerie for escort bookings is about creating an impact and lasing memory for your client. You can keep the individual Calvin Klein bras and well worn full back panties for your personal wardrobe, separate from your escorting one.

Lingerie tip 3: quality matters if you care about elite branding

Sadly, you cannot cut corners with lingerie if you are an elite call girl. You might get away with a drugstore makeup brand (please see our ultimate guide on escort girl makeup), but not with intimate wear. 

The reason is because simply, quality lasts.

When you are wearing lingerie frequently and taking numerous bookings, your lingerie must perform like a workhorse. That means, keeping the threads intact after many washes, sturdy construction, vibrant colours and keeping its shape. Since you will be spending a lot of time in lingerie, clients must feel the quality of your lingerie in the fabrics and design. Many clients are discerning about lingerie, especially when they are paying for your upmarket appearance.

From a financial standpoint, high quality lingerie lasts longer and will create more profit for your business. Yes, to prolong the worklife of your lingerie, stay away from embellishments that will fall out. Treat your dainty garments with care and do not throw delicate laces and silks into the washer. Keep it in a washing bag so that it gets a gentle wash, or better yet, learn how to handwash with mild shampoo (the most gentle baby shampoo). 

Lingerie tip 4: make it your signature style 

Clients love it when escorts wear their lingerie with confidence. This is no time to be a wallflower, but a goddess! Find lingerie that you love wearing and express your personality. A flourish here, or a burst of colour there to make your own signature lingerie style. If you feel awkward wearing basque ruffle lingerie, then a simple body suspender might make you feel sexier. 

Adapt your lingerie to your working mood; a vampish mood might suit heavy laces, elements of BDSM or darker rich colours such as burgundy, or aubergine. Another time, you might opt for whimsical designs, soft silk fabrics and pastel colour palettes. Experiment with your outerwear to reveal glimpses of your lingerie; these are sexy, yet subtle ways to tease your client. 

Sexy lingerie tips to try for your next booking

1. The elite call girl elevates sexy into an art form. Commission the most alluring lingerie, and model it for your client. Spritz your signature perfume sparingly between the cleavage and give him a striptease to remember. 

2. In many romance novels, the heroine gets her bodice ripped to release her heaving bosoms. Be still my heart, why not try this for yourself? The modern corset is not as restrictive as the whalebone ones -you can choose underbust with steelbone support or an overbust corset. The corset gives women a cinched in waist that looks more feminine. As for ripping these apart in the heat of passion, you may need to be patient. Let the client assist you as part of the foreplay -it is definitely worth the wait. 

3. Complete your lingerie look with sexy heels- this will improve your posture immediately and elongate your torso. If you are wearing a neutral tone lingerie set with suspenders, nude or beige colour heels will make your legs appear longer. 

4. If you are not camera shy, take some glamour selfies with your most flattering lingerie sets. Hashtag # for your escorting social media or send your client a sexy preview. If your client gifted you some lingerie, you can make a photo set just for him. 

5. Opt for sheer fabrics such as silk to wear over your lingerie. Glimpses of your lingerie under an elegant silk blouse or a peek of your suspender under a chic skirt can be very erotic. Tease your client's imagination over dinner, and let him anticipate your time together in private.

6. Mix and match demure lingerie styles with overtly sexy ones; once in a while, treat your client to crotchless panties. The more unexpected, the better. Try to wear it with a ladylike dress, which will make the contrast even more provocative. 

7. Luxury lingerie shop with your client -once you model different lingerie styles for him, this will inspire him to buy them for you to wear in private. 

                                High class models at Haute Girls London escorts agency relish wearing beautiful luxury lingerie

Luxury lingerie stockists in London 

Elite escorts in London are acquainted with luxury lingerie stores early on in their career. After all, luxurious, high end lingerie is a working wardrobe staple.

With experience, elite callgirls can discern the quality of their lingerie, tailoring and types of fabric. Selecting the best lingerie can change one's deportment and level of confidence. Gifts of luxury lingerie are top of the wishlist for many elite London escorts. Whether you are purchasing elegant lingerie for work, or to impress your escort, here are the top lingerie stockists in London:

La Perla

163 Sloane Street, SW1 9QB

La Perla was founded in 1954 by corset-maker Ada Masotti, in Bologna. The kind of lingerie you find here are feminine, elegant and always in good taste. Their delicate pieces are some of the most high quality examples of needlework. Every season they bring out new lines that is up to date with the latest lingerie trends. The La Perla brand is synonymous with luxurious lingerie, with an Italian flair!


3rd Floor 400 Oxford Street, London, W1A 1AB

This British intimate apparel brand started off as a boutique in Notting Hill and now you can source it in 3rd floor Selfridges as well. Myla celebrates sensuality and decadence in lingerie so Haute Girls are big fans of their designs. Every woman looks like a goddess in Myla lingerie-they feel amazing and are just so classy.

Coco de Mer

23 Monmouth St, London, Greater London WC2H 9DD

Coco de Mer was set up by Sam Roddick, founder of Body shop's Anita Roddick's daughter so already there is some cachet in this cool erotica boutique. It was acquired by loveHoney in 2011, but it is growing from strength to strength. Inside the bordello chic setting, you can find a carefully curated selection of luxury lingerie and toys. Bordelle and Paul Seville are both luxe brands to be found here.

Agent Provocateur

16 Pont Street, Knightsbridge, London SW1X 9EN

This iconic brand is English made, and designs some of the most provocative lingerie you will find in Europe. Their pieces are made just for the modern temptress; playsuits to tease, Basques to pinch in the waist and premium playsuit collection that redefines haute lingerie. Your high end lingerie wardrobe deserves nothing less than the best, and you will find plenty of inspiration here at Agent Provocateur.

Rigby & Peller

22A Conduit Street, Mayfair, London W1S 2XT

No one does comfortable bras and luxurious nightwear like Rigby & Peller. They have lace dainties in their more risque collections, to underwired basques that really flatters an hourglass figure. We really recommend you book an appointment for a lingerie styling that is tailored to your particular shape. Their team of fitters can even make bespoke lingerie for you if you can wait for 6 weeks-it is well worth it.

Luxury lingerie glossary

A glossary of the most familiar terms for elite escorting lingerie staples:

Bed jacket: luxurious cape that falls over the shoulders, worn outside of lingerie

Bodice: also known as a corselet. This is laced from the front and can be worn as lingerie or statement outerwear.

Suspender body: this is a lingerie body piece with suspenders sewn onto it. It does not require suspender belts because the suspender is inbuilt onto the body; very popular staple. 

Brassiere: a bra type that does not have the underwire. 

Basque: a wider width bra style that gives support to the bust. 

Balconette: this is a half bra, which reveals the swell of the bosom. It usually has underwires for breast support. 

Demi-cup bra: this is a plunge type bra that looks similar to a balconette, but offers more breast coverage

Bustier: this is a strapless piece that covers the breasts and looks like a corset. The old fashioned bustier has whalebone to strengthen it.

Girdle: made from stretch fabric, this is worn as a support garment. Lingerie girdles can be found with a suspender belt and plate across the abdomen. It gives the figure a classic hourglass shape.

Guepiere: worn to slim the upper body, this has suspender attached and shaped like a wasp.

Garter: used to hold up stockings, this has a clamp which is made of metal. 

Half slip: a piece of undergarment that looks like a lingerie skirt. Usually worn inside a dress and made of lace

Knicker Brazilian brief: high leg and clinging to the hips

Knicker mini brief: this is lower waisted and hangs straight on the hips

Knicker tanga brief: this only covers part of the buttocks and has a triangular front piece like a thong

Macrame lace lingerie: underwear with a coarse style of lace, the weaving style originated from Arab countries. 

Matinee: a negligee or gressing gown in the morning.

Negligee: a slip dress made of satin, silk or other light fabrics. Usually worn in bed

Nuisette: otherwise known as a babydoll dress

Slip dress: a full slip with shoulder straps that is made of light fabrics to be worn inside a dress. It can be shaped in a straight A line or princess line. 

Suspender: an elasticized band to secure stockings on the thigh. 

Suspender belt: A belt attached with garter to secure the stockings. Usually worn to shape the waist.

Waspie: an elaborate piece of lingerie used to fit suspenders and shape the waist.

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