09 May 2018



Why selling virginity is gaining popularity

A virginity auction agency is a place where girls over the age of 18 sell their virginity for a fee. These agencies usually provides escorts for clients, usually intimate services. What happens during a virginity auction is the agency plans for a meeting between one of their virgin escort girls and the client with the highest winning bid. Such meetings are arranged in hotel rooms or in the clients own house.

It’s evident that young virgin girls are becoming very popular at these sort of agencies. With an intent of selling their virginity at a fee, there will be bidders from far and wide proposing a fee. This is alarming, isn't it? The big question is, “why would such young and beautiful girls opt to sell at their virginity at a fee? You will agree with me that there is no one given lady who would be willing to sell off their virginity unless there is a valid reason why. In this case, we are talking about having sex with someone who claims to never have had sex before. It’s clear that in this world we are living today, people do not care about maintaining their virginity. Even so, there are people who really value it. There are women who by their desire for money take advantage of those who value virginity so highly. They place bids for their intact virgin hymen and consider the highest bidder. Some women even plan for supper with several bidders before making up their mind on which one to go to bed with for the very first time. There are women who argue that it is better to sell their virginity and get large amounts of money, than giving it to someone whom you will later break up with. Some women who have sold their virginity argue out that they do this for the benefit of their future and families.

Buying a house, traveling the world, living a luxury lifestyle-these all require funds. For fast funds, selling virginity is just one option of many. The difference between the financial rewards of selling virginity and say, working at a restaurant is great. Not just a marginal difference but a lifechanging amount of one million and above. There are other women who aspire to set up a business with their virginity money. To start a business, one needs capital. There are many options for getting capital like borrowing from a bank that is, getting a loan. Some women don't want to do that. There are women who consider the virginity auction thing as outdated. Well, with the new technology and digital life today, even sexuality has gone digital. Some say that they have better access to clients bidding on their virginity from around the world through digital channels.

The downsides to selling virginity online

To some girls, selling their virginity is not a thing they can take pride in after doing it. Yes, they may not be having any other option to get funds so rapidly, but after doing it, they are left ashamed. Selling virginity is a business. You have to advertise it in order to get bidders. Women take a sexually suggestive picture of them and put them online for potential bidders. This is so shameful to some of them, especially from strict religious cultures.

However, not all ladies who sell their virginity at high end escort agencies feel ashamed. Some of them consider it the best decision they have ever made. Some do not sell because they have problems raising money. They may use the money gained for their tuition and to buy a house, but it’s not as if they were penniless. Some do it may be to be famous. Others do it to bed the most influential and powerful men in the world. They want to live a prestigious and independent life. Traveling around the world and funding a high end lifestyle using their own money is one of the reasons why young girls go into this virginity selling business.

There are women who do not really care about giving up their virginity. If someone gave them a choice between their first love and money, a six-figure amount, they would go for the money. Others get overwhelmed when they hear about the amount of money people make by selling their virginity. Having a hunger for riches and the potential life changing sum of money, they get to the virginity auction escort agencies and seek affluent bidders. Many rich men in the world want to have unique things. The question is, “what makes buying girls virginity unique” the answer most give is that it’s not everyone that has their virginity. They say that it’s so amazing to sleep with someone who has kept their virginity intact for 18 years. Other men simply desire to go to bed with a virgin. This is one of the reasons why so many girls are flooding in escort agencies to sell off their virginity. Virginity is not something that you can just look at a person and tell whether or not they have it. Somebody saying they are a virgin does not necessarily mean that they are. The question is’ how does a man tell that a girl is a virgin before accepting to bid for the same?’ well, it’s not just done casually. The girl must have a certificate from a doctor that confirms her virginity. The man may also opt to go with her to a doctor to confirm the virginity. This how serious things have gotten in our world today. Some people really value virginity and would pay any amount of money to have it. Others will accept to be offered large amounts to give up their virginity. This is the world that we live in today.

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