11 April 2019


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Using Social Media To Promote Your Escort Services

Years ago, it was not essential to use social media to promote your escorting services. You did not have to create a social media account to be a high class escort, nor did it require social media savvy to attract the biggest client base. 

In 2020 and beyond, knowing how to navigate the waters of social media is a pre-requisite of being a high class international escort

Working as an escort can be pretty overwhelming already, especially when you are based in a busy city such as London. This is the number one reason why many escorts in London pushed social media aside. After all, in the age of social media gurus, it is easy to feel inadequate when you don't have a million followers. Many escort girls feel that they can't really put together a slick social media content campaign or get a promotional team behind them. 

However, utilising social media does not have to be expensive or very time consuming for escorts. 

Social media is one of the most effective and 'sticky,' ways to connect with your escort client base. It is sticky because using social media activate reward centres in client's brains-a psychological fact that successful escorts leverage in their social media marketing. Social media also has an international reach so that potential clients from around the world can engage in your content. If you a beautiful, accomplished and sexy escort girl, social media is a great platform to showcase your talents. 

Bear in mind that the demographics of clients using escort services in big cities such as London, are changing. The ages of clients are getting younger to include more millennials who use social media. These clients are avid users of social media and they are ready to be converted.

What this means for you, as a high class escort, is to create a presence on social media channels. Make yourself known to more social media savvy clients from affluent backgrounds!

Use these simple yet actionable tips to convert new clients on social media:

1. Start a social media plan for your escorts services

If you are a high class, or even elite escort in a big competitive city, then you probably have a strategy to gain clients. Social media is no different; it is another channel for you to attract and convert clients. 

In the olden days, escorts were advertised through word of mouth or well connected escort agencies, now in the digital age, social media is just as important. The barriers of entry to social media is low to creating content and you can create an account right away. 

So what is your escorting social media plan?

Without a plan, you would be posting content aimlessly, like shooting in the dark hoping for a potential whale of a client to discover you. Without a clear plan, how would you measure your success in converting your social media audience into clients? Every escort who shied away from social media have complained that it is time consuming. Not having a plan is what makes it so time consuming!

Create a social media plan for yourself so you know what type of content to create and what your target audience (hello, rich potential clients) will be.

Let's say that you want to create social media content about being an escort in London. This is specifically to target clients in London and to convert your social media audience into clients. You will posting daily, a high quality blog about London or an enticing photo of yourself in London. Your content will tell your audience when you are available in London, what an attractive escort you are and how social media followers can contact you to send you money or an escort booking. Ka-ching! You are securing money and bookings through your social media. Your social media goals should be specific, measurable, attainable, and timely. 

Are you aware of other escort competition using social media? Now is the time to research their social media strategy. Are they posting a lot of high definition photographs accompanied by sexy captions? Are they active on social media frequently and answering fan messages? Are they writing interesting blogs that show off their ravishing mind as well as body? Do they use one social media platform more than others or all equally? What personality do they portray in the social media content? Competitive analysis of other escorts will give you an insight into how other escorts make their money. Of course you don't have to be a carbon copy of them. You can take some of their social media strategies to reverse engineer your success and retain your own sexy personality.

Are there escorts stealing your content, and photos without your consent to boost their business/tarnish your reputation? Be aware. 

If you are already using social media for your escorts business, take a step back and evaluate your actions. Audit if what you are doing so far are getting you a response on social media and converting your followers into clients. 

You can also be inspired by social media accounts of other industries. What interesting content are they posting and how are they engaging with their followers?

If you are an escort using social media for business purposes, then create a social media calendar. This will help you post content to the right social media accounts in a timely manner. Plan this in advance so you know which content will get posted/have already been posted. Use the 80- 20 rule when planning the content; 80% of the content to entertain, entice and inform your social media audience and the other 20% a hard sell for your availability and how your audience can contact you for bookings. Don't make the mistake of pressuring the audience to book your escort services-desperation smells really bad on social media. 

2. Decide which social media platforms suit your escorting style

All rich clients use Instagram!

Only teenage boys use SnapChat!

Asian clients are all on WeChat!

Twitter is for clients who travel a lot!

Are these some of the assumptions you have for different social media channels? Many escorts make assumptions about the sites that their clients use; they assume that rich clients only use use Instagram/Twitter, which is simply untrue. They may be missing out opportunities by dismissing Facebook, WeChat and SnapChat.

Escorts that are successful on social media often know the platforms that work the best for them. They are the most active on platforms with high engagement, responses to content, private messages about their escort services and conversions from their audience. In other words, they prioritise social media channels that make them the most money.

These successful escorts know the Pareto Principle. That is, 80% of their earnings/conversions through social media comes from 20% of their social media followers. These are the social media followers that they should be focusing their time and energy on; they can't spread themselves too thin. With a bit of competitor analysis, you can see what social media platforms these escorts use and how often. If an escort is successful, then she has a limited amount of time to promote herself; pay attention to the social media channels that she invests her limited time resources in!

So how do you know which social media channels are for you? Ask yourself these questions:

-Is this social media platform congruent with my brand? For example, if you are a very high end escort and create high quality images/blogs, you will choose a social media platform that attracts this kind of audience that appreciates/and can afford high end escort services.

-Are there users on this social media site that will use escort services/can afford them? It is a waste of time and effort to be active on a social media site that has no potential clients.

-Are potential clients on this social media site appropriate for my geographic location? Unless they are able to fly you out to meet them, or travel internationally, don't bother. 

-Are my social media followers converting? It doesn't matter how many followers you have on a social media site or other vanity metrics (likes, shares, downloads on your social media content), are they paying you money? Are your fans and admirers becoming clients who are able to afford your escorts services?

-Does it require too much effort and time to convert these social media followers into clients? Again, think about the Pareto Principle and where your time could best be invested for making money. At the end of the day, your objective for using social media is to gain more bookings, not more likes for your photos!

-Are enquiries following through to actual bookings? Remember that engagement and private/direct messages on social media should lead to bookings.

3. Microtargeting your clients on social media

Escorts who use social media successfully for their business ruthlessly micro-target clients. They invest their time in an efficient way, as explained in the Pareto Principle.

But in order to be this efficient, successful escorts need to know who their clients are.

Every successful escort compile data about their client base, digger deeper into their net worth, hobbies, and work industry. If their found their clients through social media, they find out when their clients posts/are active on social media and what type of content their clients like to consume. For instance, an escort may find that her core market of clients were into entrepreneurship across the United States and London. She will find access to this group of potential clients through social media. Her social media content will specifically target cities in the USA and London; she may list her interests as self development, finance and entrepreneurship. She may post or share content in these areas of interest along with her enticing photos and details on how to contact her. If she's really smart, she will cultivate a social media persona that her clients find intriguing/want to engage with. Whilst she is doing this, she is adding value to her escort services; clients find her attractive and mentally engaging. 

4. Building relationships with existing and potential clients via social media

Whether you are escorting in a specific location, such as a London escort service, or available world wide, social media will help you build/maintain relationships with clients. These relationships are built over time so trust is established. Escorts who use social media to re-engage with existing clients find it effective in securing future bookings. Other followers on social media may be converted over time through your organic content, and it is a great showcase for your personality.

In 2020 and beyond, relationships built over social media will be more important than ever. People are becoming more geographically mobile and it is a cost effective way to stay in touch. Trust is a big part of providing escort services; with the assurance of interactions through social media and creating quality content. With social media, high class escorts can make their client relationships even more rewarding. Since client retention is vital to the cash flow of an escorts business (the lifetime value of a loyal client is huge), social media can help foster this relationship.

Escorts who are successful with social media marketing are already using the platforms to build a community of clients, other escort girls and establishing brand loyalty. If you think of your escorts name and services as a brand, then it is much more valuable than posting a few adverts of your escort service. Longevity in the escorts business is all about building a brand for yourself that clients trust. 

The tenets of building a relationship with clients through social media:

-Acknowledging clients and their loyalty (you can personalise messages, content, and engage more actively with your most loyal clients).

-Making regular clients feel rewarded (special offers, sending them exclusive photos, or video snaps)

-Creating quality content that clients enjoy/engage with

-Reaching out to potential clients or re-ignite existing relationships

You can think of yourself as an escort microinfluencer with a longer term vision for your escorts business. More trust equals more money for you.

5. Expanding your client base through social media

Every escort has a niche for her services and her core market clientele. However, who is to say you shouldn't reach out to a wider client base (after you have dominated your original escorts market niche)?

Use social media as a tool to promote yourself to new clients!

For instance, you may be a London escort in the BDSM niche, targeting BDSM clients in London. Your original audience on social media may be fetish clients/enthusiasts based in London. Depending on the business target you set for yourself, you may want to expand your social media reach to more vanilla or GFE escort clients from international cities. This will mean targeting a different demographic of clients in wider geographical locations. You may change the content of your photos and blogs to appeal to more GFE/vanilla service clients. Your geographic locations for social media may include the USA, Canada, etc. You may engage more than ever with clients who send you messages about vanilla/GFE type of services. While you have a strong focus on BDSM fetish escort services, you are also posting social media content with a GFE/vanilla services appeal

There is no reason (monetary at least!) for you to pigeon-hole your escorts services. Athough niche escorts services will bring you more targeted clientele and narrow down your focus on social media, your looks/personality may appeal to a wider client base. You just never know until you have tried to cast your net wide!

6. Visual content is effective and sticky on social media 

The visual content of escorts advertising is probably the most eye catching (and converting)!

Successful, social media savvy escorts know how to showcase their appearance with different platforms. They use social media for self expression, enticing potential clients and maintaining relationships with existing clients.

Indeed, social media is a boon for escorts with strong visual content game, and photogenic appearance!

Statistics show that people are far more likely to engage with social media content that contains visual elements. This can be videos, gifs or photography. In fact, studies with Twitter have shown that engagement increases by 300% when there is a picture attached. Visual content also drives action, so a social media follower may plan to book an escort based on visual content she has shared. This should not come as a surprise to you because pictures speak a thousand words.

Social media savvy escorts are experts at conveying a persona or mood with their photography. With the high definition visual first networks such as SnapChat, Instagram and Twitter, an escort can really show off her bikini body or gorgeous outfits in detail. Escorting is a business that is practically made for Instagram; this is the most widely used social media platform for beautiful local, and international escorts. Escort's visual content shared through Instagram Stories, and daily posts draws a lot of attention and with strategic hashtags, gather quite a following. A stunning feed on Instagram is powerful marketing for any escort. 

Clients intrigued by the social media content of escorts will want to engage with the content, increasing the chances of a booking. Instead of a few formal studio style photographs, escorts can share their daily lives through glamorous photography, and candid shots that are placed in a more natural setting. Potential clients will be able to see what the escort looks like in sexy casual outfits, gym wear, cocktail party dress and a thong on the beach. An escort will be able to share her interests, activities and show different facets of herself through the visual storytelling. This increases engagement and rates of conversions from her social media followers.

Even better, all of it is free!

But what if you are not the most photogenic escort? Social media is a great place for creative expression and you don't have to be celebrity beautiful to post photos. Successful escorts use it to show off their talents such as art, crafts, cooking and even dancing. They are also creative with angles and lighting to minimise the less attractive areas. Everyone does this on social media and it is called presenting yourself through the most flattering filters. Every visual content tells a story and the effectiveness of story telling can never be underestimated. 

7. Focus on quality content

If you are serious about escorting long term and retaining long term clients (where the aggregate value of long term clients is huge), you have to focus on creating high quality content on social media.

Creating high quality content for your escorts business means focusing on the most effective social media channels. These are the channels where you have the highest engagement and conversion numbers from your followers. You need to create content that your followers love to engage with and find enticing/entertaining/share-worthy. 

For example, it may be a photo content of you doing some fun activity. Explain what you are doing, show yourself in the flattering angles and be playful. Showing your personality through the content is also interpreted as being more authentic. Clients love to see escorts who look like they are having a fun time and also lead interesting lives!

Other valuable content includes informing clients of when you are available and how to contact you. This is the kind of content that clients can take action on and motivated to contact you.

If your content will just be a few words promoting your escorts services-a hard sell, without any interesting visual content, then don't bother. 

8. Don't be afraid to use social media tools

Only social media gurus use social media tools, right?


Everyone using social media for their business should take advantage of time saving tools. Especially for escorts with limited time to promote themselves (they'd prefer to spend the bulk of their working time with clients), social media tools can automate and simplify much of the content posting. 

These are tools to boost your productivity as an escort and make more money. It also saves the costs of outsourcing social media marketing.

Hootsuite: a great tool to manage your social media; centralise all messages directed to you in one dashboard, so you can engage without having to login several different accounts!

Brandwatch: create in depth reports about your social media content; see how your social media efforts work out

Canva: for editing photos and creating engaging visual content on social media. 

BuzzSumo: curate and organise content to share with your social media followers. If you can't come up with orginal fresh content daily then curating content for your followers is the next best thing.

9. Listen and respond to social media conversations around your escorting business

Social engagement is a huge part of social media marketing for escorts; it pays to be engaging, responsive and reply to criticisms (in a tactful way).

As an escort using social media for business, you need to be aware of the social conversations about your escorts brand. What are people saying about you/sharing about you? Is it mostly praise or complaints? This is called social listening and every escort on social media should know what others are saying about them, the good and bad.

10. Schedule your content for efficiency

When you a busy escort earning money on bookings, you really don't want posting on social media to slow you down. 

Successful escorts know that to maximise their earnings, they have to be efficient with their time. This means investing the most time in the money making actions!

By creating a social content calendar, escorts can create their social media posts in advance and schedule it for posting. The social scheduling tools such as Hootsuite, will post the content automatically at the scheduled time. Voila! Blocking out time for content creation and making money with clients is the most efficient way to work. The mistake that many escorts make with social media marketing is letting the content creation part take them away from time with clients.

11. Track your escorting social media strategy

As you implement your social media plan for your escorts business, it is vital to track your efforts. Make sure that you are investing the most time in the actions that drives you the most conversions and money!

Thus, you can fine tune your efforts on social media, find out what type of content converts the most clients , earns the most money and what platforms are ineffective. For example, you may measure success on social media as converting clients with longer bookings instead of 30 minutes. Then use this metric of success to see if you can improve your content, client targeting and time/frequency of posting.

You can A/B test your different social media content and make changes that will boost your visibility/success. Remember, no matter now niche your escorts business, or narrow your geographic location, you can use social media to connect better with clients, reach potential clients and increase awareness of your escorting brand. You may not become a social media influencer overnight but start with a focused approach and your efforts should pay off, literally. 

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