04 April 2018


          What are the STD risks of using escort services in London?

Common questions about STDs and London Escorts

In London, Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are commonplace, but most people do not even know that they are infected! In 2019, as STDs continue to rise, it is not just young people engaged in casual sex who are affected. There has been an increase of STDs in over 45 year olds who lead an active sex life. One of the most common misconceptions about STDs in London is that escort services facilitates the growth in sexually transmitted diseases.

Do STDs and London escorts go hand in hand?

People assume that London escorts are intimate with a lot of clients and are carriers of multiple STDs. This assumption comes from the extra services that London escorts provide: unprotected sex, anal sex, oral sex or simply genital contact (hands, toys and sharing condoms). 

However, the fact is, no matter how many sexual partners you have, and what gender you identify yourself as, STDs is a risk of any sexual contact. 1 or 1000 sexual partners, there will always be a risk of STDs. 

Here are some common misconcetions about London escort services and STDs:

1.Male escorts in London carry HIV

Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) can be transmitted in different, including anal sex between male escorts and male clients. It can also affect females and males who are not working in the London escorting industry. Anyone can be of HIV regardless of being an escort. HIV risks can be significantly reduced through protected safe sex and other precautions.

2.Lesbian escorts in London have much lower risks of STDs

Any contact via genitals carries risks of STDs (including HPV, genital warts, chlamydia, herpes simplex virus (HSV) 1 and/or 2, syphilis). Contact with broken skin on the genitals can also increase the risk of STDs, so sharing toys and other bodily fluids. Again the use of oral dams and condoms when inserting objects in the genital area can significantly reduce the risks of STD transmission.

3. OWO and CIM escort services are safe 

Unfortunately,  HIV, syphilis, herpes, gonorrhea, HPV, trichomoniasis, and chlamydia, can be transmitted through OWO and CIM escort services. Since these are extra services that London escorts provide at their discretion, there is mutual consent of the risks involved.

4. Escorts providing period play will not get pregnant

It is possible for escorts to get pregnant (as well as risks of HIV, hepatitis B and C) through blood play during their periods. 

5.Herpes can only be spread through open sores

There is a common misconception that only open sores on the body will spread Herpes. Some of the active Herpes virus do not have visible symptoms. Thus, they can still be spread through muscuous contact without the usual cold sores/blister symptoms.

6.BDSM escort services is 100% safe 

Escorts engaging in knife play or BDSM can carry risks of blood bourne STDs. This service is provided through mutual consent and agreement of the STD risks involved.

7.It is possible to see if an escort has visible signs of STDs

Many of the symptoms of STDs are not visible. This is why even sexually monogamous couples are exposing themselves to the risks of Herpes, through fingering and mouth to genital contact.

8. Usage of condoms with escorts eliminates all risks of STDs.

Condoms will significantly reduce blood bourne, mucuous membrane STD transmissions but it does not fully eliminate the risks. The condom may no be sufficient to cover the infected areas and risks of leakage/breakage can significantly increase those risks of STDs. 

9. GFE escort services is the same as bareback sex

This is the wrong assumption about what GFE escorts provide-GFE can include cuddling, hand holding and French kissing; GFE itself does not involve bareback sex without a condom. 

10.Escorts in London are sexually careless

Most escort service providers in London are regularly checked for STDs. They are also informed about STDs and know that symptoms of STDs can hinder their earning potential. Also, the appearance and cleanliness of London escorts do not indicate that they are free of STDs, this applies to the population at large.

How to broach the subject of STDs with London escorts

The topic of STDs is very popular with the London escorting industry but people do not discuss it openly.

Broaching the topic of STDs with London escorts is as awkward as seeking sexual health advice from peers.

Will I get STDs if I use escort services in London?

Do I have to provide my own condoms when I book an escort in London?

How can I enjoy escort services without getting a STD?

These are questions that clients think about but may not give voice to during a booking with an escort.

The best tip is clear communication. Make informed decisions before seeing an escort and decide which risks you are willing to take with certain escort services.

Some of the most widely requested escort services in London include:

Anal sex, or A levels, GFE, OWO, CIM, PSE, toys and lesbian escort duos. These all carry varying risks of STDs and it is the client's responsibility to be informed of the risks before taking part.

If you are concerned about STDs, speak directly with your escort about your worries and her recent sexual health checkup results. If you are a client already infected with a STD, it is a responsible and mature thing to discuss this with your escort prior to making a booking. An escort will accept different risks, depending on her own informed decisions.

Some clients are afraid to broach the topic of oral dams, hand sanitisers and condoms, but remember, escorts in London are professionals providing a service that should be given consent to by their client. If the client and escort are incompatible in their sexual health practices, as legally consenting adults, they should not go ahead with the booking.

It is also important to discuss the services and limits with the escort directly to clairfy what services are provided. That way, you are both upfront and honest about what to expect and make an informed decision about the STD risks involved. Never assume that all escorts are comfortable about providing specific services and know your own boundaries to ensure a pleasant experience.

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