13 January 2014


Student Escorts Working In London

In a survey conducted in 2010, 4% of trainee doctors personally knew a peer who was involved in the adult industry; just 2 years later, this figure grew to 10%. This increase in figures coincides with The British Medical Association estimates about a medical student's debts which could increase to almost £70,000 following the tuition fee rise of 2012. Medical students are not the only student group who faces financial pressures to consider escorting; many UK home students who were used to paying £3465 before 2012, saw a huge hike in tuition fees to £9000 per year, and also higher living costs in line with inflation. Any student renting in London will know the increasing rent, particularly in the more prime property areas, and this combined with a student lifestyle of partying and eating out demands more disposable cash than they had budgeted. Faced with the options of poorly paid term time jobs and more lucrative escorting, a cash strapped London student may turn to the latter, especially when escorting gives them the extra time and flexibility to study.

In 2014, at the time of writing this blog, student escorts are found in almost all of the high class London escort agencies, and it looks like they are here to stay. Young, intelligent and ambitious, student escorts have carved out a sexy niche for themselves, something which escort agencies looks for in recruitment. Some London escort agencies even specialise in fresh faced student escorts, but the student escort's ingenue appeal is not for everyone, and like a good financial portfolio, most agencies will diversify in their escort types. The earnings for a student escort can be very lucrative, if they are beautiful, sophisticated, Ivy League or Russell Group alumni and smart enough to learn how to please their most demanding clients. Clients just love student escorts, because unlike more seasoned escorts, they have a less jaded attitude towards high class escorting.It can be said that when 1 in 4 London escorts is enrolled in higher education, then the figures from the students survey may be too conservative, and also that student escorts in London may become more prevalent with the increasing tuition and living costs. 

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