03 May 2018


What are PSE services in the escorting terminology?

We all know that porn stars perform sexual acts on camera, specifically for viewers' entertainment. Personally, you might even have a favorite porn star that you lust after as you see her in films and on porn sites online. What some people might not know though, is that some porn stars double up as escorts too. Porn star escorts are porn stars who can be hired to provide escort services. They are becoming increasingly popular too, so you can fulfill your fantasies of meeting with your favorite porn star in real life!

A quick online search could easily show you websites where you can find porn stars advertising their escorting services in different cities. Some sites even offer reviews of porn star escorts. They often charge by the hour, and depending on their personal preference, you could either go to them to their location of business (incall) or they could come to you (outcall).

But, you may be thinking, what are the differences between meeting a porn star in the flesh and PSE or pornstar experience escort services. Before you proceed with any misinformed ideas, here are a few things that will help you understand porn starexperience escorts better, in order to interact with them well in bookings.

Just like it would excite you to spend time with a porn star in real life, so would it excite thousands of other men, making them potential clients. So obviously, porn starexperience escorts are on high demand hence they charge more elevated fees for their bookings as opposed to regular escorts. Any time you see a PSE explanation next to an escorts profile, you can expect to pay a higher fee for her services. Not all escorts are porn stars but some of them offer PSE services to please the fantasies of their clients.

In London, there are many elite PSE escorts just as there are in the biggest cities around the world. They come to London because the clients are more likely to pay their higher fees and there are more clients to cater to. PSE escorting services can include the following: watersports, duo bookings, OWO, CIM, COB, facials, A levels and filming. They may not offer all of these services at once, it is up to their choice and at the clients discretion.

Not all Porn star escorts provide a PSE service

What clients get confused by is the listed services of a porn star escort. Not all PSE escorts providing these services are porn stars appearing in films and not all porn star girls perform PSE services. When booking a porn star escort, keep in mind that you are hiring her as a companion. This means that, should your interaction lead to sex, it should be between two consenting adults. She is not a sex slave, a dominatrix or whatever else you may perceive of her from what you see on screen. Being a porn star is an acting job after all, and more often than not, what you are used to seeing is her playing a character on screen. So don’t be shocked if her escort persona does not match on-screen persona. In addition to that, the fact that porn is her alternate career does not mean that she should provide you with porn star experience as an escort, since others choose to provide girlfriend experience. You could discuss upfront, just to ensure that you are both on the same page.

She will also need you to use protection. Some clients might assume that they will not need to use protection when they get intimate with a porn star escort because after all, male porn stars rarely wear condoms. This assumption couldn’t be more wrong because, all porn stars get tested regularly for STls and STDs and they have to be given a clean bill of health before they go on set. This is to make sure that they do not spread diseases to each other. However, by engaging in unsafe sex with clients, they might be putting themselves at risk of contracting illnesses, and possibly losing theirjob in the porn industry, should they contract something from a client.

As a first time caller, the porn star escort, her assistant or an agency booker will screen you. It will be in-depth screening and it might feel excessive since the questions asked will be personal, so you will need to divulge a lot of personal information. But keep in mind that this girl is a porn actress so she is something of a well-known figure, while you aren’t. Naturally, she is going to have safety concerns. For all she knows, you might be a crazy stalker, an abuser or even law enforcement so you need to cooperate during the screening. After the first screening, you will have a reference so you will not need to give up that much information again. If the screening feels too excessive for you, you can always back out and not hire.

As an escort in real life, porn stars might look different. While on the set of a pornographic movie, these actresses are glammed up by a team of professional make-up artists, hair stylists and wardrobe stylists. This type of make up or clothing might be oddly conspicuous to walk around in while she is coming to meet you. It also won’t do much in terms of retaining the secrecy of your encounter. So don’t expect her to show up looking a certain way because it’s what you see on screen, unless you initially agreed on a certain look that she is okay with. Chances are, she is still a gorgeous woman, just don’t expect her to look exactly as you see her on screen.

I cannot stress this enough; do not let pornography distort your view of reality in terms of what the intimate moments are going to be like. You should not assume that she will do extraordinary things or get in the most complicated positions because that is what you saw in a certain scene. Oftentimes, what you see on screen is usually carefully orchestrated, and is between two (or more) costars who have established a certain level of trust. But you as a client, she does not know you and might not feel comfortable doing the things she does with her costars and you should be able to respect that since you are hiring her for her time, without the promise of anything else.

Her experience as a porn star might be a fascinating topic of choice to you, but to her, these are mundane details of her life that might be boring to talk about. And this is not just exclusive to porn star escorts, but to any other regular escorts too. Most of them will not want to divulge information about their otherjobs or private lives. That is not what she is there to do anyway so you should not be disappointed if she is not willing to share those details. On your part, if you are going to engage in small talk, strive to be a little more creative too since this question is one they probably get asked a lot.

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