17 August 2017



What are the stereotypes of Asian escorts in London?

I decided to write today’s blog about Asian escorts in London to clear up some misunderstandings that clients may have, as well as to give some advice for those who are thinking about booking beautiful Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Thai or Indian escorts.

Firstly, Asia and the Far East is very big and there is a widespread interest in beautiful, exotic Asian women in London. Escort agencies like to market them as exotic courtesans or Oriental fantasy dolls. They are intelligent, super feminine and very attentive, what is there not to love about gorgeous Asian escorts? Every client has their taste of what is beautiful of course. Booking Asian escorts will not be for every client in London and that is the reason for specialist escort agencies with only Oriental or South Asian escorts on their books.

The misconception is that all Asian escorts are the same. But in reality they are all individuals with different personalities and services.

Are Asian escorts more passive compared to Western and Latin escorts?

Booking Asian escorts is a little different from their Western or Latin counterparts. Yes, they are passionate women who will give your mind and body a thrill but are they really more submissive compared to Western and Latina escorts?

Well, lose the stereotypes! There are very feminine and fragile looking Asian escorts who are not in the least bit submissive. It is understandable why some men believe this. Oriental escorts in London are some of the tiniest, slimmest and most feminine looking for their height and waist to hip ratio. They not only look much younger than European and South American escorts, they can be softly spoken. However, when you meet an Asian escort then you will begin to see a very different story. Yes, there are shy and passive Asian escorts and then there loud and dominant ones. In between you will find many others who do not fit into any type of Asian women stereotypes.

If you do decide to book a South Asian or Oriental escort in London, you will be delighted by their gorgeous personalities and level of service.

Are Asian escorts very adventurous in private?

Asian escorts are still women who will enjoy their bodies and approach bodily pleasures with confidence. Some are very open minded and adventurous bordering on PSE whereas others offer a classic girl friend experience. It is important to remember that no matter what escort you decide to book, you must clarify what services you are looking for and whether they provide this.

Every Asian escort provides a unique and different service. What she does in private depends largely on her skills, personality and chemistry with the client. She will not by default turn into a dominatrix or submissive waif based on preconceived notions. Clients often believe that Latin and Western escorts are open minded but that does not always apply.

Will Asian escorts treat me better?

Within the Asian culture, men are treated with respect and reverence. However, these women only look up to decisive and strong minded men. They are most feminine with with men who will be manly with her. This means that clients must behave like gentleman to get the VIP treatment from these Asian beauties. Clients should never feel entitled with Asian escorts just because they are men. Of course high class Asian escorts will treat their clients like kings and make an effort to deliver a superior standard of service. Just like every elite service provider, they strive to please. That being said, every escort have individual personalities and clients should not assume that they will receive the same standard of service from every woman.

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