05 August 2020


Find out what it takes to be a high class escort in London                     

What does it take to be a high class escort in London?

One of the most common questions addressed to our high end escorts agency is - what does it take to be a high class escort in London?

Being a high class escort in London is a career path that can be financially rewarding yet challenging in a myriad of ways.In this blog, we will highlight some of the things to consider, namely the physical, emotional, financial and social impact being a high class London escort will have on your life.

Firstly, the barriers of entry to being a high class escort appear to be deceptively low. The only qualifications required are that of beauty and social intelligence. However, submitting a successful application to a high class escort agency is only the first step. The higher end escorts industry is rather different.

Connections, reputation and discretion are paramount when escorts are working with elite clientele in London. Everyone is familiar with the media portrayal of glamorous, jetset models and suitcases filled with cash. They assume that being a high class escort equates to fast money, fine dining and exotic trips. There is some truth to this, but only on the surface level. High class escorting is all about selling a luxurious experience, to clients who are selective about who they spend their time with. There is a lot of business acumen involved in acquiring such clients and retaining them. Like any job in the luxury services sector, success as a high class escort in London requires preparation.

Meeting a demand in the high class London escorts market

There is a healthy demand for high end, high quality escort services in London.

London is an important financial hub that attracts a lot of investors and high net worth individuals. These clients have the purchasing power for luxury services and demand value above all else. In order to make a lucrative living in London, a high class escort must be aware of the value she brings to the table, and how she differentiates herself from competition.

Being a high class escort in London is extremely competitive since their target clientele are more sophisticated and have access to many options. When money is no object to clients, they expect the very best. This explains why there is such a disparity in the earning potential of London escorts. 

It is a misconception that every high class escort makes money in London; the demand is very much skewed towards the top service providers. 

Disparity in earnings is the reality of the high class escorts market in London

Working as a high end escort in London can be a very lucrative career, however, there is a great disparity in the earnings. The difference in income between the top earners among high class escorts and the bottom earners speaks volumes about the reality of the industry. 

The industry is very competitive and demand is skewed towards the top earners. Clients want the very best so they will seek out escorts with the best marketing, reviews and reputation. This leaves the majority of high class escorts in a financial situation that is not nearly as affluent as the media portrays. 

High class escorts who make millions in income are much more newsworthy than escorts who get paid a pittance. 

It is a misconception that the hourly rates of high class escorts represent their earnings. The reality is, in order to make a lot of money, an escort has to be busy with bookings on a consistent basis. This means that they must be actively marketing themselves to acquire new leads, and retaining clients. Knowing how to acquire and retain clientele is a powerful skill that separates the top and bottom earners. 

High class escorting requires business acumen

Knowing how to acquire clients and retain them for future bookings require serious business acumen. 

Every successful high class escort knows her own unique selling proposition, and how she must market herself to the right, target clientele. This encompasses every decision, from her choice of photography, vocabulary, social media platforms for business, advertising sites, incall location, wardrobe and lingerie, pricing, services provided and working hours. 

Good business acumen also includes attention to detail and adapting to newer forms of technology to connect more effectively with clients. Most of the clients using high class escort services comes from a financial or technology background so it is vital to adapt to the different communication platforms (social media apps) and payment dApps that they use. With the emergence of digital payments, it is also business savvy to accept payments that are not in cash/fiat money. 


Being a London high class escort comes with its own pros and cons

The only way to justify being a high class escort is that the pros outweigh the cons. These pros and cons vary for each individual.

I have yet to meet any escort who does not have an idea of the pros and cons for their particular situation. Knowing the pros and cons will help them decide if it is worth becoming an escort.

So this article will address some of the pros and cons of being a London high class escort:


-Earning potential if you are successful is very high. Your hourly rates could be in the thousands of GBP. This is possible if you are within the top 1% of escorts working in London.

-The access to a luxurious lifestyle; your clients will be affluent giving you networking opportunities, you will have funds for fine dining, designer clothing, travel, makeup and affluent lifestyle. This lifestyle comes with success as an escort. 

-Experience of the world, and people-escorting is a steep learning curve that will teach you a lot about the world, people, what they want and how they feel.

-If you are successful, the opportunity to make more money within a short frame of time. Emphasis on 'if you are successful.'

-An opportunity for you to improve your education, looks, health, social networks and experience.

-The opportunity to retire early if you are successful and have invested in assets correctly.

-Develop character and skills in dealing with people.

Regarding the pros, these are the reasons girls enter the London escorts industry. They want to be successful so they can have access to all these benefits. It is a fact, and I have observed it also, that some escorts providing high class services do become very successful, financially independent and retire early with healthy savings. It is absolutely possible if hardwork, mental fortitude and financial acumen is applied.

It is a mistake to think that just by submitting an application to work as an escort will make you very rich and very worldly in no time at all. That is marketing to lure naive girls, not realistic at all. Since the barriers of entry is low to become an escort, ask yourself why not many escorts attain wealth?


-The escorts industry is visual and relies on social skills. If you have neither the looks nor the personality to entertain clients, you will be left behind by competition. In fact, clients will not give you a second look.

-Girls with beautiful appearances and charming personalities will be selected by the top London escort agencies, which means that escorts without these qualities will either have to work independently or charge much lower rates per hour. This alone affects the self confidence of many escorts.

-Advertising and marketing is a constant struggle. You will have to maintain yout website, photography, marketing content and package yourself to the right clients. Of course, this is rewarding if your profits far outweigh the expenses, but what if you are not even profiting from your advertising?

-If you do not enjoy interacting with men, in any form, this job will drain you and become even more of a struggle. Each client is different and require you to cater to their needs. You will have to be entertaining, upbeat, energetic and alert to the situation around you. If this is very difficult for you, then ask yourself-is the money even worth it?

-Burnout emotionally and physically. Escorting is more difficult to cope with for some girls over a stretch of time.

-Social isolation because of the societal stigma and the random hours you need to work

-Dealing with difficult, dangerous, rude or unappreciative clients.

-Low pay considering the sacrifices you have to make as an escort

Glamour and grit in the high end escorts industry

In the movie The Wizard of Oz, when Dorothy realises she is not in Kansas anymore, that is analogous to how girls feel once they enter the world of escorting. They must abide by some new rules and ways of the game.

There are unspoken rules about:

-The way you should look as an escort

-The way you have to interact with clients

-The way you accept payment and manage your finances/banking and tax

-The way you deal with agencies and advertising bodies

-The way you screen clients and look out for your safety

-The way you deal with the psychological/physical/social aspects of this industry

There are acceptable ways and unacceptable ways for all of the above, but it will be a long detailed article to cover each.

All of this requires some planning, thinking and realism. It is not a leisurely cruise by any stretch of the imagination.

But if you navigate it well, the rewards are substantial.

Glamour is a huge part of the high class escorts scene in London, so it is essential that girls play up their looks if they want to be an escort.

The glamorous image:

-Do you have conventionally beautiful looks? Good height, youthful, slender, busty and clear skin? Then you can apply to high class escort agencies who target clients with more money

-Do you take care of your appearance. Having natural beauty is not enough if you ignore makeup, fashion tips and healthy/diet regimes

-If you have a body type and appearance that is not classically beautiful, you may need to apply to niche escort agencies, work independently or lower your rates. 

-Have you looked at your competition? If they are more beautiful than you, what differentiates you from them and what value can you add in terms of skills and personality?

-Do you have a variety of toys, shoes, makeup, lingerie and outfits for different situations from GFE to role play, dinner booking and travel?

-What type of lingerie, clothing and makeup will you use to enhance your looks? There are thousands of beautiful high class escorts waiting to take your place so how will you stand out with your grooming?

-Are you willing to consider surgery to remain competitive against much younger/attracive/bustier/ competition?

-Are the maintenance costs of keeping you beautiful sustainable? Can you make enough money as an escort to maintain the glamorous image?

-To complete the high class appearance, do you offer a luxury incall location?

-Do you have a high end photographer, website and adverts to enhance the way you look and appear to potential clients? Can you afford it? 

The gritty side of escorting:

-Do you have a financial plan, end goal or exit strategy? Given you will not be an escort indefinitely

-Have you got the financial sense to save, invest and set aside money for taxes?

-Do you have a safety screening protocol in place for clients, agencies? 

-Do you have any self care routines or ways to maintain your emotional and physical health as an escort? Keep a balance between work and personal life?

-If clients remark negatively on your appearance, do you have thick skin or will this impact your self esteem?

-If you are not reaching your money goals/experiencing a slow month, do you have money to offset this?

-Do you take care of your body with exercise and steering clear of drinks/drugs?

-Are you aware of sexually transmitted diseases and their risks?

-If discretion and privacy is very important for you, how do you separate your personal and work life?

-Do you have the stamina and determination to make money? 

-Have you researched what niche/services you will provide and the best agencies for this? Or will you work independently?

-How will you deal with people who are difficult, threatening or scam artists whilst protecting yourself?

So, as you can see, all of these have to be considered if you want to become a high class escort in London. Submitting your application is the easiest part. Learning from the mistake of other escorts will also save you a lot of time and hassle so it is worth doing as much research as you can.

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