01 June 2019


                                Why should you choose elite Oriental escorts in London?

The definition of Oriental escorts is usually understood to mean female escorts from Japan, Korea, or China. However, it can also encompass escorts from Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and the Philippines. Oriental escort services is a niche that is becoming increasingly popular in London. But not all Oriental escort services are the same in London; some are more elite which means that they are priced at the higher end of the market. In this blog, we will explain the reasons why you should always choose an elite Oriental escort in London

1. Elite Oriental escorts are some of the most beautiful escorts you will meet

Elite Oriental escorts set the standards high in terms of physical appearance. They may be model-esque, busty, slender, curvaceous or have perky petite physiques that make your heart race. It is no secret that some of the most stunning London escorts are Oriental models. Their exotic Oriental features, coupled with an incredible physique makes them alluring companions for discerning clients. 

Nowadays, it is considered beautiful to have a slender physique, smooth, taut skin and long, straight hair. These are all physical attributes that many Oriental escorts in London have, which explains why they are much sought after at higher end London escort agencies. 

There is something magical and very mysterious about Oriental women that makes clients weak at the knees. At more upscale prices, elite Oriental escorts in London are simply exquisite to look at.

2. Elite Oriental escorts in London provide a VIP level of service

London Oriental escorts are some of the best service providers you will find. Could you imagine a scenario where you got your dream Oriental girlfriend and she treated you like gold? That can become a reality with highly sought after, elite Oriental escorts. What you will find in the escort market is that value for money and getting what you pay for really applies to elite Oriental escorts.

Paying the minimal amount for Oriental escort services in London will not get you very far because the standard of service and the appearance of the escort will be poor. You will waste your hard earned money if you decide to take a short cut to paradise. Higher end, elite Oriental escorts are just different and their companionship is on another level of pleasure. The more elite an Oriental escort, the more experienced, skilled and intelligent she is. You may be thinking that elite is just another marketing ploy but the higher end escorts are in demand for very good reasons.

3. You can enjoy kinky, open minded services with London Oriental escorts

It is a well kept secret in London; Oriental escort girls are some of the most kinky and open minded escorts you will meet. Behind their geisha like poise and gentle reserve, there is an adventurous nature ready to be unleashed. It is a common stereotype that Oriental escorts are more submissive and passive in private, but this is simply not true. Oriental escorts can enjoy quite kinky experiences, from naughty role play, to tantric nuru massage, female-female-male menage trois, BDSM, A levels and even a full on Porn Star experience. Be warned; their services can be very addictive! It is precisely this dichotomy of sweet and wild that clients can't get enough of. 

Imagine being in the company of a beautiful Oriental escort who can switch from a gentle, innocent girl next door to a PSE vixen. If this is what you fantasise about when you think of Oriental escorts from Far East Asia, then your dreams are about to come true. Oriental escorts in London love to please, and this includes impressing you with their repertoire of open minded services. You can experience some of the most passionate, kinky and naughty moments in your life when you make a booking with them. 

4. High end London Oriental escorts really excel at the Girlfriend Experience

Asian escorts in London are renowned for their attentive and highly sensual GFE services. What is a GFE, you might ask? It stands for a girlfriend experience, or a service where the client gets an intimate date with kissing, cuddles and more. It is like being a fantasy girlfriend on a date where she is fully engaged and attentive to the client's desires.

The common belief that Asian escorts are better at GFE comes from the historical fact that Far East Asian cultures are more patriarchal, and Asian women are taught to be feminine and submissive to men. The geisha originated from Japan, which is an exquisite woman who knows how to entertain men with her conversation, performance arts and seductive skills. These impeccably trained women use their feminine charms to make men fall under her spell, and it is a proud tradition that is still being practiced today. Furthermore, the idea of the courtesan, or court ladies who kept important patrons also originated from China, Korea, Thailand and Japan. You can say that the girlfriend experience with an elite Oriental escort in London is the closest you will get to this type of luxury. 

High end Oriental escorts are truly modern day Geishas, with their sparkling conversations, wit, intelligence and seductive beauty. When you book an Oriental escort in London at the higher end of the market, you will meet someone elegantly groomed, well spoken, cultivated, educated to university level at least, and very alluring. These elite Oriental escort girls can deliver a bespoke level of service that differentiates from the lower end of the market. They bring a touch of class and greater level of personalised service. 




Differences between a low end and high end Oriental escort service

Of course, from her appearance to her level of attentiveness, the high end Oriental escort is different. She listens with rapt attention to her client and can hold smart conversations about a myriad of topics. She becomes a close confidant to the client and guaranteed to be discreet wherever she goes. Her service feels real and not merely transactional-she gives the perfect illusion of being a perfect girlfriend at the client’s beck and call.

Clients who want this high standard of service recognise the excellence of high end escorts and will pay for the luxury.It’s true that these are clients who may not be high profile politicians, CEOs or even mega rich but they know what is value for money. For the most part, elite Oriental escorts know how to interact with and please very high profile clientele. They know how to talk to them, intuit their desires and make them feel powerful.

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