13 February 2019


            Reasons why London escort girls retire

Reasons why London escorts retire from working

Retirement is a fact of life; some people will retire earlier than others. In the London escorting industry, this is no different. New girls join the escorting scene every day, whilst other escorts are reaching their retirement.

Contrary to popular belief, there is no expiry date to be a high class escort working in London. There is a huge market in London for young escorts and escort service providers well into their 80s! Theoretically, an escort can work well past the conventional retirement age and still have demand from clientele. Some escorts may even feel that their prime working years are beyond the normal retirement age!

When an escort retires, it is always due to personal reasons rather than statutory requirement. So, why do escorts retire before reaching their prime, so to speak, in the London escorting industry? Here are the most common reasons why:

1. Escorting is not conducive to a monogamous relationship

Of course, everyone has a different opinion about escorting within a monogamous relationship. Of course, there are married London escorts who escort and escorts who work with/or without the knowledge of their significant others. However, the norm is for escorts to give us their escorting career once they are married or enter a monogamous relationship. For many people, escorting is incompatible with the ethical, moral and sexual demands of a monogamous relationship.

2. Escorting is too emotionally/physically demanding

Escorting is one of the most lucrative ways for women to make a living in London. Although the escorting lifestyle is promoted as being glamorous, there are downsides to this work. Firstly, much of the work is physical-London escorts need the energy and stamina to be successful. They are hired to be enthusiastic and always raring to go! Secondly, escorts expend much emotional energy to connect with clients beyond the physical. They have to be great at listening, have impeccable social skills and have patience in abundance. Over time, the emotional and physical demands of being a high class escort can wear them out.

3.They have reached their financial goal through escorting

Most escorts in London work for financial reasons, and retire once they reach a financial goal. The financial goal and time frame differs from escort to escort. Some escorts work to fund studies (short term monetary goal), whereas other escorts are saving for retirement. Sometimes, bad money management skills may mean that escorts take longer to retire.

4. They are prevented from working as an escort

For legal, social or even cultural issues, many escorts are prevented from working in London. If escorts do not have a working visa, they can have problems with their stay. Other escorts in London retire when they are outed by family members or threatened by their community to stop working. Whatever the reasons may be, many escorts will retire against their wishes.

5. Escorting was not a successful venture

Contrary to common belief, escorting, even at the elite level, is not a fast track to riches. Women become escorts to attain realistic financial goals that involves careful money management. Escorts with misconceptions will only be disappointed when they find that escorting is not a licence to print money! For many escorts, the cost of escorting outweighs the financial benefits. For instance, it takes a toll on their emotional and physical well-being. Retirement is a decision made when the financial aspects of escorting no longer serves the escort.

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