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So you want to become a high class escort in London?

The best way to become a high class escort in London is by learning from an escort who already works professionally in London. The second best way is to research from the Internet, looking at different online sources on how to become a high class escort working in London.

In this London escort resources section, you will find lots of no nonsense advice and tips on being a London escort, living the escort lifestyle and how to thrive in the competitive London escort industry. We have compiled this page from many escort insiders; from the perspective of high class escorts advertising their services in London and from our perspective-an elite London escort agency. Who knows, you may find something here you have always wanted to know but was afraid to ask! 

Many of our beautiful high class escorts had to learn by trial and error. Starting work as an escort in London is a steep learning curve: there are many things they wished someone told them earlier. They had to invest time and money into becoming the type of escort they wanted to be, earning the type of escorting income they found worthwhile. The practical and comprehensive advice here will help you prepare for a career in high class escorting but more than that, it will address a lot of misconceptions about the escorting lifestyle. In short, it will provide you with the information that you would only gain from years of experience. 

Try before you buy the London escort lifestyle

If you’re interested in becoming an escort but want to do a test run, what better way than to get a working phone and start by advertising on London based escort directories. Some of these directories are quite reasonably priced so you will not be throwing money away and they are busy enough for you to a trial run with initial client callers. This allows you to trial things without any commitment. It will help you figure out your escorting market rate, escort competitors in the local area and also the potential volume of clients based on genuine inquiries. If you have a friend or a social network of people who are already working as escorts then you can ask a lot of questions about starting work-that is great, however a trial run is putting things in action. You can make real cash in hand whilst you trial escort advertising and working with a first few clients. 

Before girls start working as high class escorts in London, they already have an idea of what their rates will be, their unique selling proposition as an escort, services provided and what postcode in London to work in. As mentioned earlier, this can be adjusted with trial and error but knowing what your unique selling proposition is as an escort will give you better visibility when you first start advertising. There are thousands of girls advertising as high class escorts in London alone; knowing your selling points will immediately make you stand out. More on this later. 


Debunking myths of being a high class escort in London

There are many existing misconceptions and myths about what a high class escort entails. Most of these myths are harmless and only serve to pique the interest of the general public and create expectations in aspiring escorts. A few myths are very damaging and can ruin the career, mental and physical health of an escort. Here are some of the most common myths:

Being a high class escort is the fast track to wealth

Working as a high end escort can be lucrative. It may lead to a wealthy life. Note, I use may and can be conservatively because attaining this wealth and maintaining it varies depending on what type of escort you are. To gain a lot of money in the escort industry, you have to be a great service provider with attractive physical attributes and marketing skills. To get the volume of escort bookings that will translate to riches, you will require repeat clientele, a high profit margin per booking and various platforms to advertise, be it through an independent website, escort agency site, search engine optimisation or forum. It is not the fastest track to wealth out there of course, but once you have a steady income from escorting, it can be more reliable than working for an employer. Many girls become escorts because of the fast money, however the money can leave just as fast. Which brings us to the next myth…

You don’t need brains to be a successful escort

Anyone can become an escort since the barriers to entry is low and there are no prerequisite qualifications. However, to become a successful escort in London, you need brains and lots of planning. Here are the reasons why: firstly, escort competition in London is very high making it difficult to earn a good income unless you are superior to other service providers in some way. Secondly, you need to be aware of your unique selling proposition to retain clients and bring in new ones. Thirdly, you have to have the mindset that this is a business where you work hard to attract clients and keep them. Fourthly, you need money management skills to make the money you make go further. Without brains, you can never thrive in London as an escort.

Beauty is all you need to be a successful escort in London

Unfortunately, this is untrue because physical beauty alone will only get you clients who value it above personality and a great service. To be a successful escort in London, you need to attract a wider range of clients and that means a great personality, friendliness and enthusiasm to provide a quality service is a must. Many gorgeous looking escorts in London found it difficult to earn a good income because of their limited service and poor attitude towards work. If beauty is combined with an amazing personality and level of service, it can get you far in escorting.

London is a safe place to escort

Like any other major cities in the world, London can be a busy place with safety risks. It may be safer than some countries where escorting is illegal or there are higher incidences of crime, however, it still carries the risk. Every adult escort in London should be aware of the risks and minimise it accordingly. Having an escort work security, escort friend to contact in case of emergency and installing CCTV in incall locations can be safety precautions to consider.

Being a high class escort is a very glamorous lifestyle

Experiences of being an escort in London can be subjective and everyone has their own views about working as an escort. It is true that high end escorts get taken to glamorous venues by clients that appear glamorous. But just like any other job, it has moments where it is not always glamorous or even that exciting. Everyone is different in this regard. If the glamorous lifestyle of VIP travel, dinners and shopping appeals to you, then think about how to advertise yourself to attract clientele living this kind of lifestyle. You are more likely to experience a VIP lifestyle if clients perceive you as a suitable companion for this kind of lifestyle. Be honest about how you present yourself, your manner of speech, personal grooming and advertising platforms to attract a jet set clientele. For most escorts in London, earning a steady income and being able to provide for themselves financially is more important than rubbing shoulders with the elite or wearing couture dresses.

Being a female escort is very easy

It takes a particular type of woman and mindset to succeed in the escorting world. People mistake easy with the low barriers of entry but to thrive in a competitive escort market is not easy. Female escorts are professional performers who work hard to get booked, maintain their appearance and reputations and manage their money wisely so they can exit with enough savings or investments generating income. The escort lifestyle is definitely not for the faint of heart nor for the lazy ones.

All escorts in London are women with no other options in life

Women in London choose to become escorts for different reasons. Some do it to supplement their daytime work, others pay for tuition and some are professional fulltime escorts with a longer term goal in escort work. They may retire after 5 years, 10 years, some do it beyond retirement age. Escorting is not the only thing these women can do but they chose this lifestyle as it complements their personality, skillset and financial goals within a certain timeframe.

Female escorts have mental health issues/substance abuse problems

Within the female population in London, there are the percentage with substance abuse and mental health issues but it is not more prevalent amongst female escorts. Of course, there are female escorts with problems just as there are within the general population, however, it is not to say that all escorts suffer from these issues. Most simply want to reach a financial goal they have set for themselves. High class escorts have to act professional and provide a good service, which would be hindered with a dysfunctional drug/drinking problem.

Escorts in London never pay their taxes

This is untrue since many London escorts declare their income and put their earnings in investments requiring proof of income.

Being an escort is degrading to women

As mentioned before, it takes a particular mindset and type of woman to succeed as an escort in London. Escorts who believe that this lifestyle is degrading has a huge cognitive dissonance that makes them dislike the work. Their reluctance to be an escort makes them resentful towards clients, which is reflected in a bad service and poor attitude. Successful escorts recognise this lifestyle for what it is and are more grounded in the practicality of what they want to achieve financially. No one can tell a woman what is degrading since it is her own body and presumptous to dictate to her the morals by which she should lead her life.

Escorts in London make more money than in other cities

Escorts in London has the potential to make more money simply because there are more clients in the affluent income bracket. There are also more clients per square mile. However, the competition amongst escort service providers in London are also great, which creates obstacles to earning more. For example, clients have a higher expectation of the attractiveness, standard of service and variety of services in London. An escort in London must be outstanding to make an excellent income. That is, she must differentiate herself from the thousands of other London escorts. In addition to the competition, living costs in London is very high and expenses can undermine earnings over time.

London escorts have ultra rich clients

London is a business hub where the affluent and financially savvy clients can be found. Not all the clients in London are classified as rich, they can be living comfortably with some disposable income. There are some ultra high net worth clients in London which skews the perception of wealth in London but that is not to say that every London escort gets booked by these individuals.

To be successful escort in London you need model looks

Beauty is a subjective thing, even in the visually centric world of high class escorting. Many men do not find a supermodel, or societal standard of beauty appealing. They may prefer curvier, smaller, slimmer, shorter or even escorts with an alternative look. Some of the most successful escorts in London are not the Cover girl or Playboy model standard. Instead, they are well groomed and friendly women with a high level of service and fabulous personality.

To charge more as a London escort you need to be physically stunning

A glance at any elite escort agency in London website will have you believe that the most expensive girls have the model looks. They can certainly charge more in London, because their physical attributes are exceptional. However, it does not reflect how busy they are, what profit margin they take home or even if the rates are paid by clients. To charge more in London, an escort needs the right marketing, presentation and reputation for providing a great service.

You need to be young to be a successful escort in London

Many escort agencies prefer youthful escorts because they are easier to advertise due to their looks and they have more energy. This is not always the case. Youthfulness can also mean less experience, less skills, less developed personality and ability to connect with clients on a deeper level. Many mature escorts in London are successful, in spite of their age. They earn a good income by providing an excellent service.

All escorts in London has a STD

There are risks of STD amongst the population from every walk of life. What happens between an escort and her client is between 2 consenting adults aware of the risks and willing to take the risks. Escorts may have a higher risk of exposure to different strains of STDs but most are vigilant about their health from regular sexual health checks to boosting their immune system through a healthful diet.

Knowing your USP as an escort in London

Every successful female escort in London knows her own unique selling proposition to advertise herself and attract her clientele effectively. To decide on your USP as a London escort, you have to research your competition, your client and what platforms of marketing to use. Here are some tips to help you decide on your USP.

Decide what financial goal you wish to achieve as an escort

Once you have decided on a yearly financial goal, work out how much income you need per month, minus the expenses, per week and the volume of bookings you need to achieve it. Look at the rate you advertise your escort services for-is it realistic and achievable for you to reach the volume of bookings you need?

What do other London escorts in your area charge?

Assess your physical appearance, level of service and experience to see if your rates are good value for clients in your local area. Will you rely on local clients or visiting clients to London? What do other escorts with similar appearance, skills and age charge? If your services and rates are not good value for clients, bear in mind that it may not help you achieve the volume of bookings you require.

What makes you different from other London escorts?

Your most marketable asset and competitive advantage as an escort, whether that is your age, level of experience, appearance, location, rate and ethnicity. If it is fairly difficult to find an escort of your physical appearance and level of service in your area-you can market this as added value compared to what other London escorts offer. For instance, you can charge more for open minded PSE services or for a more attentive experience.

Will your advertising reach the right clients?

Some of the most popular escort advertising directories will generate a lot of enquiries but not necessarily bookings. You need to trial and test enough directories to see which sites will bring you the target clients who will pay the rates you advertise.

Are you charging too much/or too little?

If you decide your escort USP to be a high end, niche quality service provider, do your rates reflect this and bring you enough business? For London, you will know you are charging too little when your volume of bookings is too high for you to manage; conversely, you are charging too much when there is not enough business. Although London has a larger number of affluent clients, some clients are price sensitive. Would your rates generate the right amount of business for your financial goal?

Pricing below your competition

A competitor would be an escort with your similar USP. That is to say, a client would find your services interchangeable and no one has more added value than the other. By lowering your rates, you would be perceived as providing more value than the escort with a similar USP.

Communicate your escort USP well

When you communicate your strong USP, you will help clients understand quickly why you are better value than your competitors. Remember that delivering on your promise is just as important as communicating it. You would have a stronger market entry if you have a reputation for delivering on your USP.

Look at escort market trends in London

Tastes and needs for different escort services is emerging in London. Research the trending escort services and rates for those services.

Presentation and Perception of your escort services

Perception and presentation are vital in the visually focused escort market. Are you perceived as a trustworthy and reliable servive provider in London? If not, can clients give you constructive criticism on your services? And then, there is the question of your presentation-if you are marketing yourself as a very elite, high end escort service provider, are your websites written well with high quality photographs and user friendly layout? Are you listed on all the high end escort directories in London that your target clients are most likely to find you? Your image and reputation must clearly communicate your USP.

Minimise being undermined by escort competition

Many successful escorts are perceived as a threat to other escort’s business. The escort market is very competitive in London and reputations are to be protected at all costs. Escorts should be proactive in managing their reputations by monitoring reviews about them, respond to any disgruntled clients quickly and have some online presence to address people undermining their reputation.

Actively seek out gaps in the escort market

Although you should not change your escort USP often, you can update it as you upgrade your escort services, change your appearance, move to different locations or update your pricing. You can also actively seek out opportunities where there are less competition and you can attract clients looking for something different. For example, you may spot a gap in the market for mature tantric masseuse escorts with training in professional massage. This can be your strong USP.

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