03 January 2015


On the nexus between Africa and Europe, Tangier in Morocco has been a politically interesting and historical destination for more than two millennia. The Romans, Vandals, Byzantines, Arabs and the Portuguese have all settled in the Tangier at some point leaving behind their heritage and influence. Only a few hours' distance from the UK, the Tangiers feel markedly different with their own exotic Medina, bazaars, Kasbah, souks and riad traditional houses. In winter time, the mild climate makes the Tangiers especially attractive to people looking for the winter sun. You can enjoy all this and more in the Tangiers in the company of beautiful elite international escorts. Sensual, open minded and full of energy, international escorts such as the ones you find from Haute Girls London escort agency are ideally suited to a week or two in the Tangiers.

The warm weather in Tangiers is very conducive to outdoor activities and you may find yourself spending a lot of time outdoors exploring the busy medina (which is quieter during the winter months), souks and narrow alleyways. The Medina is a huge marketplace for vendors who sell everything from argan oil to fruit. If you want a taste of life in Tangiers, head to the souks where deals are made and everyone is out looking for a good bargain. Around the souks you can find these courtyards with unassuming looking entrances. Sometimes the doors are intricately designed but it is the inside that will take your breath away. Serene and symmetrical, the Riads in Tangiers are a sight to behold. You can see more of this Moroccan design at the Cinema Rif at Place 9 Avril also, which was built in the 1920s. Stylised and elegant, the cinema plays many subtitled films which could easily entertain you for the evening. Educational and interesting, the Museum of Moroccan Arts, Dar el Makhzen, Place de la Kasbah, allows you to learn more about the history of Tangiers through different artefacts and the permanent exhibition about the era of Jewish Moroccans is very informative. For something unexpected, the American Legation at 8 Zankat America, Tangier 9000, provides a rare insight into the relations between the US and Morocco. Featuring letters from Lincoln and George Washington, the museum at the American Legation also has beautifully designed rooms to hold the exhibits.

Moroccan cuisine is everywhere in the Tangiers and the flavours are simply out of this world; the French influence is seen in many restaurants as well. El Morocco Club in 1, Rue Kachla - Place duTabor, Kasbah is a very trendy and stylish Moroccan restaurant that serves delicious food in elegant settings. The service is excellent as is the ambience. Simple but unforgettable, the Restaurant O Saveur at 15, angle boubana/Cavendish, California, Tangier 90000, is a superb restaurant that excels in Moroccan and Spanish dishes. The seafood there is particularly fresh. If you want to enjoy the best of Moroccan hospitality, try the delightful Golden Tulip Farah Hotel at Zone Touristique El Ghandouri, B.P 11616 Media Gare Tanger, Tangier 90000. Relatively quieter during the winter months, this hotel has fantastic facilities and a style of its own; the live music and belly dancing are a must at this hotel! Elegant and Arabic in decor, the beautiful El Minzah Hotel at 85 rue de la Liberte, Tangier 90000, was built in the 1930s and has welcomed many Hollywood stars from Rex Harrison to Rita Hayworth. The outdoor patios and views overlooking the Tangier harbour are to die for. As all great hotels go, the amenities are not bad either, with a walking distance from the main Medina.

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