02 January 2019


           How will Brexit affect the London Escorting Industry

How Will Brexit Affect The London Escorting Industry?

London's escorting scene is one of the most culturally diverse in the world; many London escort girls are migrants from the European Union. When UK citizens voted to leave the European Union, shockwaves are seen across the escorting industry-inevitably.

Statistics show that the majority of London escorts are from the EU nations. This includes escorts girls selling cheap escort services and those working at elite London escort agencies. Brexit will impact the freedom of movement for these EU escorts and also give effect to tighter immigration controls. 

After the Brexit negotiations are complete, will migrant escorts be deported, and if so, how will it change the landscape of the London escorting industry?

London escorts who are EU nationals -tighter controls after Brexit

Gina, one of our London escorts from the EU nations voices her concerns about being deported after the Brexit Haloween deadline. 

She says, 'I am making a good money in London and I do not want to go back to my country. It is because of my migrant status, after Brexit, I will have no choice. I am currently applying for a citizenship but to get a British passport, I need a legitimate income. I will need to prove that I am a valued asset to this country, and unfortunately, being an escort is not considered valuable the same way as an engineer or doctor would. I declare my taxes and registered as self employed but being an EU National may mean deportation for me. What can I do?'

Many high class escorts in London who are EU Nationals are applying for a British passport.

After Brexit, there will be strict border controls for escorts pursuing work in London and there will be more raids/deportations. The consequence would be escorts entering London illegally and undergoing risks without the protection of the State. 

Brexit means more trafficking and sexual violence for London escorts?

London escorts are already amongst the marginalised in society. Escorting involves a grey area of the English law and sex work is attached to immense societal stigma. Nontheless, the London escorting industry is one of the most lucrative in the world, with thousands of escorts crossing the borders to make a living. 

In the event of Brexit, escorts from EU nations will be more vulnerable to exploitation, trafficking and violence. 

One of the ilegal ways for EU nationals to work as escorts would be through smuggling rings which are rife with coercion and abuse. Debt bondage would be another problem that makes escorts from EU countries feel powerless once they start work in London. When escorting from EU nationals becomes illegal in the UK, there will be no laws to protect them. Furthermore, escorts from EU nations would be discriminated against by clients who sees them as desperate and easily exploited.

Brexit is itself an expression of xenophobia; escorts from non-British backgrounds will not be made to feel welcome in London. 

The flawed English justice system 

The existing English laws are not friendly towards London escorts; it pushes many escorts underground, where they get exploited by pimps and opportunists. This is a flaw inherent in the way that legislation is made. The regulations that control escorting work is harming the escorts themselves, whom the laws sought to help in the first place. 

It is still unclear how Brexit will impact the English legislature. There is much speculation about the Northern Ireland Democratic Unionists stance on greater restrictions and whether buying escort services will be criminalised. Some say that the human rights of escorts will be safeguarded by the law.

Hopefully, it will allow escorts to operate in a safer environment. 

As Gina would say, 'being an escort in London is hard enough as it is. I am not respected by society for my choice of work and contribution in tax to this country. Also, I face discrimination as an EU national competing for work in London. But I love what I do and I am determined to find a way to work, Brexit or not.'

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