09 January 2017



What do clients think about smaller breasts

Lets start with a question. Why do people believe there is only one standard of feminine beauty? It seems to be drilled into our psyche that an attractive woman in the Western World is young, slim and busty. A glance at any London escort agency can confirm that this is the norm and what clients expect. Or do they? An interesting finding about clients is that they all prefer different things. Some prefer a plus sized model and others want a woman who barely fits into a size 6 UK clothing.

In recent years, there is a growing trend for natural beauty in high class London escorts. Clients want female escorts who look like their photographs and have a healthy, girl next door look. Although most male clients look for women with proportionate sized breasts to their body, few want an obvious, silicon enhanced appearance. If given the choice between a silicon enhanced bust and smaller, natural breasts, clients would choose the natural option.

What about silicon enhanced breasts?

Many clients prefer the look and feel of smaller, natural breasts to silicon breasts:

1.Silicon breasts can look too big in proportion to the rest of the woman’s body

2.Smaller, natural breasts always look natural with a soft profile.

3.Silicon breasts feels and look too artificial. Clients often ask for natural breasted escorts.

4.Small breasted escorts have a youthful look with features that are in proportion with the rest of their body.

5.Most smaller breasted escorts are on the slimmer side and look more fashionable in the latest trends. They look incredible in designer dresses.

Clients with high standards about their escorts will not be afraid of communicating that with the escort agency. Some will refuse to see escorts with enhanced breasts and there is no negotiating that. Smaller breasted escorts are considered beautiful by a client who wants the natural, girl next door look. A client wants a girl that he finds attractive, not one that he feels he has to fit into a society standard.

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