06 January 2017


           How to make a million by being an escort. Blog by Haute Girls London

How To Make Millions By Being An Escort

No matter where you are with your current financial situation, working as an escort can bring you more money. 

It is theoretically possible, under special circumstances, to bring you a lot of money. It is possible to enjoy a millionaire's income, lifestyle and assets portfolio as a high class escort.

In addition to seeing your income rise as an escort, you can also grow in other ways: your level of confidence, connections, experience and interpersonal skills.

Let me tell you how:

1. Visualise becoming a millionaire as an escort

First, you must believe that you are capable of becoming a millionaire by working as an escort. You must be confident that you possess the requisite qualities of being a very successful high class escort. You must be confident in your ability to retain clients as an escort

Wealthy escorts can attest to the fact that they saw the potential in themselves before any clients can. They created their own vision of wealth and visualised it every day. Since they could see the possibility of riches, they worked hard towards it, knowing that there is a high possibility of them achieving it. 

Why is this step so important?

If you truly believe in your heart, that you will make average income as an escort, then you will make an average income.

Having a vision of wealth is very focused on the future, and what differentiates it from delusion, is that you have the skillsets to make it happen. 

So once you see a different future for yourself with plenty of money, your behaviour and way of thinking shifts. Instead of being satisfied with making average money as an escort, you will strive to make more money

It will make your mind more open, more creative, and daring. 

In order to make more money as an escort, you may expand your advertising efforts; investing in a better website, better photography and content to convert traffic into paying clients. Your mindset would also shift to make your escort services better-you invest in a gym, read more books, improve your conversational skills etc. This is the money-making mindset that will make you rich as an escort. If you were stuck with 'playing it safe,' or not investing in yourself at all, the clients will never notice you and your talents get squandered.

Playing it safe as an escort, being satisfied with average income, and not investing in your future vision of wealth will keep you average. You can see this in average escorts all around you, living from week to week on their earnings and just breaking even on their expenses. You know that this is not the vision for yourself, and so you will shift into the mindset of improving yourself so that clients will pay more for your services and have repeat business because you are superior value for money.

If you are satisfied with mere average earnings as an escort, or too scared to invest in yourself, then becoming a millionaire escort will never happen to you.

If you are concerned with what friends in your current income bracket as an escort think about you, then you will ever escape the average.

I have heard from escorts that they are concerned about losing all their friends when they make more money...Guess what, they are still making the same amount of money. Wealthier escorts simply made new friends (of a higher income bracket), or made existing friendships even better. 

2. Escorting in cities with greater concentrations of wealth

As a high class escort, you must do your research about the locations with the:

-greatest number of wealthy clients using escort services

-wealthiest clients using escort services

Some of these locations include New York City, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Los Angeles, London, Paris, San Francisco, Geneva, Monaco, Macau, Dubai, Berlin, Sydney, Frankfurt, Singapore.

Why is this important? Wealthy clients tend to be the most profitable. A higher volume of wealthy clients maximises the profitability.

This is why luxury stores are always located in areas where the volume and concentrations of wealth is highest.

High class escort services is a luxury, and in some cases, a Veblen good. 

As you can see, many escorts have conflicts about higher profit margin versus higher client volume. Should they charge more and see fewer clients, or make the same money by seeing more clients? Let me explain why escorts should always aim for higher profit margins to attain wealth:

A higher profit margin for escort services means that you have differentiated yourself from the competition and able to justify the higher cost to clients. It could be a superior level of client care, service and reputation. This makes it harder for clients to replace you, giving you the power to charge more for your services. 

Realistically, to have very high profit margins, you must be exceptionally charming, attractive, accomplished (published model, actress, celebrity), skilled or astute in your business. Compared to competition around you, you must have some exceptional qualities for clients to pay the difference in pricing. However, all is not lost if you do not have the highest profit margins as an escort; you can compensate this with more volume. This means repeat clientele, more client conversions through advertising and wider client base. 

This is why working from a location with higher volume of clients using escort services at your price point is so important. What you lack in profit margins, you must be able to make up for in volume!

That said, it is a mistake for escorts to charge very low prices to increase the volume of clients. This only encourages a lower standard of services and clients who find your services replaceable. From a practical point of view, having high volume of clients is not sustainable -it will tire out the escort, and affect her future earnings.

The sweet spot is client volume that is sustainable, at a price point that gives good profit margins. 

3. Strength of competition 

The strength of competition for escorts in your area will determine how hard it will be to make money.

The weaker the competition, the higher your profit margin and volume; clients will find it harder to replace you/find similar substitutes.

The stronger the competition, the lower your profit margin and volume of business.

As mentioned above, you should work in locations with higher concentrations of wealthy clients. However, these areas are the most competitive for escort girls and you will have to adjust your pricing to find the most sustainable and profitable volume of clients. 

That said, you can embrace competition and do some competitor analysis of other escorts to see how you can differentiate yourself. 

To become very successful, and potentially a millionaire escorting, you need to have a great competitive advantage, qualities with no similar substitutes, and repeat clientele.

4. Quantify your earning goals as an escort

Having numbers and specific quantities will make your vision of wealth as an escort more tangible. 

For instance,

You set a goal of grossing £1,000,000 this year

Which is grossing £83,333 every month, and £2778 gross earning per day.

This is a quantified goal. You should be excited to reach this breakdown per day, per week and per month of your yearly goal. 

The more detailed your goal, the more reachable it appears in your mind.

I know of no escort, who sets themselves big financial goals, without a succession of goals reached over time. This builds the momentum for the escort, increasing their confidence and vision of wealth.

5. Building momentum and confidence

To build confidence and momentum as an escort, it is best to set quantified short term goals and reach them.

This makes you feel more competent and willing to push yourself a bit harder to achieve bigger goals.

Set yourself a timeline and only focus on a few things to build the momentum. Most escorts complain about productivity when they spend more time on advertising than with clients. This is where you need to focus and not spread yourself too thin. Use the Pareto Principle* of 80/20, which means spending at least 80% of your time in money-making activities. 

*The Pareto Principle states that 80% of the effects comes from 20% of the causes; invest more of your time in the things that make you money as an escort. 

Every month, look back at the previous 30 days and see how much you have achieved.

Ask yourself:

What went really well for your escorts business? What did not?

Did you reach your daily/weekly/monthly goals?

What did you learn from your experience?

What are the areas you need to improve on?

What should you focus on in the next month?

This will give you the motivation to do more each month; reward yourself with days off to think, reflect, visualise and rest. The confidence comes from seeing yourself succeed and get ever closer to your visualisation of wealth. 

If you wish to become a millionaire through escorting, then you have to work continuously on reaching daily/weekly and monthly goals. This is the only way to keep the momentum and build on your confidence. It is the continual buildup of successes that lead to bigger goals. Whilst it may be difficult to jump from one big milestone to another, it is more achievable to reach smaller milestones. This has a compounding effect over time, and accounts for why some escorts eventually become millionaires. 

6. Escorting is work, but infuse it with passion 

Many escorts enter the industry to earn money, only to grow resentful of their work/clients over time. They feel imprisoned by their way of making money, instead of empowered.

Resentment and feeling burnt out is a toxic way to make money, and perversely, keeps the money away. Clients can sense it when escorts are not enjoying themselves, and will replace them quickly with escorts who are not so jaded.

There is a common misconception that the longer an escort works in the industry, the more tired, and jaded she gets. This explains why clients seek out newer escorts but it is simply not true. 

Let me tell you a secret: the most successful escorts in the industry (some have become millionaires through their escorting income and investment assets) are long term escorts. They have been working as escorts for years, and considered veterans in this industry. What differentiates them from other escorts is their passion and persistent work ethic.

To enjoy the financial benefits of repeat clientele, compounding money and establishing a strong escort brand, an escort will be working for years.

Unless she is a celebrity, it is simply unheard of to accumulate millions within months.

So, for escorts working many years in the industry, how do they keep the passion alive?

-They find time to recover their mind and body

-They maintain their health to keep their energy levels up and see more clients

-They remind themselves of why they became escorts; to make great money

-They find things they enjoy in escorting and focus on that

-They become less sensitive to criticism and things that hinder their money making

-They develop good boundaries with clients

-They have a positive mindset about escorting

-They remain realistic and pragmatic

-They find a purpose in escorting that gives them stamina to carry on working

-They develop a routine 

7. Developing a routine to achieve flow/peak state as an escort

An escort working in flow or peak state is one of the ways to keep the money flowing in, so to speak. A flow state is when she is focused and performing at her best. This is the experience that clients decribe as being 'magical.' 

Of course, getting into the flow state requires a routine. This routine will help the escort organise her day so that when she is in the flow state, she is fully immersed in giving the best service. 

The flow state for an escort is not a routine of actions, or sequence of services delivered in a mechanical fashion; it is a mental state where she is fully involved with the client and time flies by. She is not a clock-watcher, but very absorbed in what is happening with her client. 

Very successful escorts get into a flow state often which allows her to give her best. Her best service brings positive feedback from clients, which increases her money and confidence. The better her performance, the more money she makes, and so a flow state is desired in escorting work.

How is the flow state activated?

It starts with the first events of the day that gives the escort momentum. It could be putting her makeup on well that makes her feel more confident to greet her clients. In psychology, it is found that people get into the flow state through their environment. For an escort, getting her outfit and makeup right gives her this momentum that activates her flow state. It could be other things, such as organising her environment so that it is enticing to the clients. It could be putting away any distractions such as social media or emails that would distract her from her day. All of these things allow for the escort to focus and design her environment for peak peformance.

The most successful escorts know about this secret to activating their flow state. 

They are committed to it, and put in the preparation work.

They purposefully set up their environment so they work at their best. That is why they develop routines.

By having these routines, the escort prepares herself mentally for the day ahead. She is almost on autopilot. She is already confident of the results that will happen from her routine. 

Escorts are often in character whilst they work-by getting into the role of a successful escort making lots of money, they prep their brains for success. 

Have you wondered why, when you think you will have a terrible day, that is exactly what happens?

Successful escorts assume the feeling of success and invest in that character.

8. Design an environment for success

Imagine what your environment would be like as a millionaire escort. What will your clientele be like? How would you live? What sort of booking will you have? What kinds of foods would you put into your body? What type of investments would you make with your money?

Be inspired and design that environment which supports your vision of wealth.

If you dream about becoming a rich escort, but your environment is disorganised and full of distractions, you will not have the focus to make your dream a reality. If you abuse your health with junk food and pills, then you will not have the energy required to carry out your plans. If you want to make more money as an escort, but your friends discourage you, then this environment will never make you a success.

You must be mindful and intentional about your environment for success.

For example, when it is time for you to rest and recharge your body, do not stress over bookings and what your clients said. And when it is time to see your clients, don't become distracted with social media, the laundry, what you are having for lunch etc.

The most successful escorts are very focused and design environments that are congruent with their visions for success.

9 Be results driven and not habit driven as an escort

We carry many habits with us throughout life, but not all are helpful for our health or success.

Who knows why we have the habits we have, and why we waste energy/time on them when they don't deliver results?

To become a millionaire through escorting, you must be results driven, and not become obsessed with supposedly good habits that deliver no results.

Example of good habit: going to bed before 10pm. 

Example of results driven mindset: my most profitable clients book me after 10pm. I make more money if I stay awake past 10pm.

Many escorts fail to maximise their earnings because they are led by habits instead of results driven behaviour.

Another example would be limiting your bookings to x number a day. A successful escort will realise that taking as many bookings as possible (without wrecking her health) will deliver better results money-wise. Why mentally limit your number of bookings when you are physically capable of more?

The escorts who make the most money also know about conserving energy -which is exerting the minimal effort to achieve the desired result. This makes them very effective. 

What is the result you want, and the least you can do to achieve it?

Not getting the results you want? Time to change your habits and processes. 

It's easier said than done to change habits, but success only cares about results. 

Don't be afraid to reorganise your life and habits to get the results you want. 

10. Don't be too set in your ways

The escorts making the most money are also the most adaptable. They are open to new approaches, processes, ways to attract clients, changing the way they look, experimenting with advertising, photography and different services. 

They are always looking for ways to make more money. They are driven by results and not set in their ways.

There are many opportunities in escorting, which will make you more money. But if your mind is closed to them, or you are too rigid in your thinking, you will miss the chance. Making money as an escort is not something that just falls into your lap. You have to be proactive in spotting opportunities or making things happen.

A restricted way of thinking is not congruent with financial success.Look at the examples of wealthy people around you-they often have ingenuity and flexible (quick) ways of thinking.

11. Observe and listen

By listening and asking thoughtful questions, you can learn how to make more money as an escort.

Who do you listen to and direct your questions at?

You should be listening to the feedback of your clients and asking them about what they enjoyed/didn't enjoy about your services. 

You should listen to the advice of your web-designer on how to convert visitors into clients once they click on your escorts website.

You should definitely listen to more experienced escorts and ask questions about how they deal with clients and manage business.

A lot of escorts make the mistake of talking more than they listen and thinking they know everything. The fact is that they don't want to learn anything new, from other people's perspective or consider a different angle. 

There is so much for escorts to learn from their clients, other escorts, and people they meet through escorting. They can even learn the secrets of becoming successful just by asking the right questions.  

Some of the most successful escorts gain insights just from the conversations with their clients. They learn about what their clients like/dislike and their tactics for success. Many clients using escort services are affluent self-made men who offer valuable insights into success. Clients love it when an escort is truly listening to them and wanting to improve the standard of their escorts services. Listening makes you appear more genuine instantly. 

12. Find people who can help

Start asking who can help you on your path to becoming a millionaire escort.

To be very successful as a high class escort, you really must forget about rugged indvidualism. Accept that you need the help of others to make you more money.

You may need a promo team to advertise your escort brand to a wider client base, you may need website designers to make your website look more professional, SEO to help you with online marketing and reputable escort agency to introduce you to the high net worth clients.

You may do great as a one-woman show, but the real money pours in when you enlist the help of others!

There are many people working in the escorting industry who could help you.These people help with promotions, finding clients and building up your confidence/momentum. As an escort, you may not see yourself as an entrepreneur, but that is what you should aim for. If you want to make more money and grow in your reputation, it is time to utilise the help of others. 

13 The role of luck

Luck has a role in the success of many wealthy escorts.

Some are lucky to be born beautiful, have charming personalities, a hard work ethic and making the right business decisions.

Even so, luck does not make these escorts undeserving of their wealth; it just goes to show that in the right circumstances, an escort can do much better financially. She will grasp an opportunity to make even more money.

Escorting is different for everyone because some escorts have more opportunities than others. 

I cannot deny that being attractive in looks and manners will create more opportunities for an escort compared to an escort with neither of those qualities.

But what the more attractive escort do with those opportunities makes the difference.

You can be presented with a lot of opportunities and favorable conditions, but it is up to you to grab them!

Escorting is an industry where escorts are compensated for the value they provide to clients. Money is exhanged for this value. Thus, escorts earning more money are providing more value to their clients.

It's a harsh pill to swallow, but it is the market system that rewards people who create more value.

Escorts who became very wealthy simply found a way to create more value and they lucked out on finding how to do it.

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