30 March 2019

Are London Escorts With Selfies More Trustworthy?

        Selfie photos in the London escorting industry

Selfie photos-a new standard in the London escorts industry

Image is paramount in the high class escorts industry, which is why so much marketing budget is allocated to photography. A visually appealing website, professional escorts photography and astute choice of imagery converts more eyeballs to business for the escort. There is no doubt about it: photography is a marketing advantage for new and experienced escort service providers.Glamorous, highly edited photography has been the London escorts industry standard for decades. Escort girls are expected to have glamorous photos and clients expect them. The more high end, or elite the escort marketing, the higher the expectation in terms of photography.

Some of the most high end London escort photographers charge thousands of pounds for their photography services. Although this is expensive, many elite escorts in London consider it a good return on their investment. They justify the photography costs by saying that they will attract high net worth clientele/more business as a result. Some even admit that they are not attractive enough to be of interest to wealthier clients; opting for expensive photography will make them stand out more.The London escorts scene is so competitive that everyone needs to stand out.

What about the escorts who cannot afford a luxury photography shoot on exotic locations? Escorts without the funds will simply have to be creative or hire a cheaper photographer who knows how to accentuate their best assets. Understandably, this can undermine the marketing and attract the wrong clientele.

In 2019, there is a marked shift in the London escorts industry-brought about by clients of elite escort services. Thanks to the growth of social media, people are adapting to a more candid and authentic style of imagery. Sceptical of the glamorous photographs they see on London escort profiles, more clients are requesting selfie photographs. ‘These escort women are impossibly beautiful, but do they look the same in real life?’ This is a common question asked by potential clients. From the client’s angle, they want integrity, honesty and the best value for their money. Consequently, escorts working in London are submitting their selfie photographs to clients, hoping to appear more trustworthy in client’s eyes. As more and more clients request selfie photographs, this is now a common practice for the escorting industry.

What are the implications of selfie photography for escorts?

Firstly, the purpose of selfie photographs is to show what a service provider looks like, sans makeup and heavy photoshop. It removes the veil of deception from service providers who do not look like their photos. Furthermore, it gives potential clients a better idea of what to expect in person. Many clients in London felt disappointed by the disparity between the advertisement and what their escorts really looks like. Since clients choose escorts based on their appearance, this is a huge factor in their enjoyment of the escort service.

The implications of selfie photography are manifold: photographers will use less photoshop in their services, London escorts will perfect the way they look on selfies, and better looking escorts will gain a competitive edge over others. Beauty and youth is currency in the escorting industry so escorts perceived as average looking will not get as much business.

How is social media impacting the London escorts industry?

Since the birth of social media, service providers have been utilizing the different platforms to connect with clients. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat and WeChat are some of the biggest social media platforms used by escorts to attract clientele. The reach of social media is international and not limited by geography, making this an ideal channel for escorts to acquire business. Furthermore, escorts are advertising their services in a way that is appealing to social media users: candid selfie photos, video content and live chat are popular mediums to gain attention. In an era where even the biggest celebrities use candid, selfie style photos on social media, the escorting industry is catching on.

Are London escorts without selfies a scam?

London escorts using professional, glamour photographs do not intend to deceive, but rather, to give themselves a competitive advantage in London. From our experience as a high class London escorts agency, these girls are only conforming to an industry standard that is slowly dying out.

There is no denying that some escorts are more physically beautiful than others. The emergence of the selfie culture makes it harder to conceal physical flaws. This is the main reason why some London escorts will refuse to show selfie photographs. However, it does not mean that they are scams!

London escorts without selfies can still be great service providers, get good positive feedback and impress clients with the way they look. They may feel that their best qualities as an escort cannot be shown in a selfie photo, but better experienced in person.

Another reason for escorts not having selfies is because the selfie photo is a mirror image different from how others see them in real life; selfies are inverted photos which do not reflect real life.

The future for photography in the London escorting scene

In addition to a more natural photography style, the London escorts industry will see an increase in social media feed style photography galleries and video content. As more escorts vie for the attention of clients, their choice of imagery will become more creative, making room for video-and possibly, Virtual Reality technology.

In conclusion

The escorts industry does not exist in isolation from social media trends and it is increasingly common for service providers to advertise on social media channels. Moreover, the style of photography to promote escort services is changing. Clients exposed to Instagram and SnapChat expect a more candid style and are looking for authenticity in their service providers. As selfie photographs become more common place, escorts will differentiate themselves through video content and creative marketing.

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