06 March 2018


       Things you should not say when booking escorts in Knightsbridge                               

Never Say These Things To Knightsbridge Escorts

Do you know the area of Knightsbridge SW1X in London? It is considered one of the most affluent areas with a plethora of venues catering to the wealthy. It is also home to some of the most high class escort girls in London. It is impossible to talk about Knightsbridge without talking about money, and yet-the English finds it crass to discuss money.

If you are lucky enough to spend some time with a gorgeous London escort in Knightsbridge, here are some things you should avoid asking her:

1. How many clients do you see a day?

No escort working in London, especially in the discreet area of Knightsbridge, will want to disclose how many clients she sees a day. If she brushes off this question, just assume that your question is in bad taste. If she does tell you a figure, assume that is is a little lower than what she discloses. It is very offputting for clients to know how many clients his escort entertains daily. Of course, if it is a prurient interest, then your Knightsbridges may regale you with some client stories-take it with a pinch of salt.

2. Who are your clients in Knightsbridge?

Escorts based in Knightsbridge hear this all the time: are your clients rich/famous/Arabic/married? There is a common assumption that Knightsbridge escorts have a black book of clients who are all of the above. She may indeed have such clients but she will be reluctant to disclose any information. An elite escort service provider is discreet and confidentiality is part of her service. Due to the location and property prices in London Knightsbridge, anyone can make an educated guess about the clientele of Knightsbridge escorts

3. Have you provided bareback escort services to your clients?

If your Knightsbridge escort do not advertise bareback escort services, it is a taboo topic to discuss with her. She will not reveal her services to every client and it is none of your business to know what she provides at her discretion. Even if you offer a financial incentive, she may refuse it. This is a common misconception that escorts in Knightsbridge provide sex without protection to clients. 

4. How much money do you make in Knightsbridge?

Knightsbridge escorts are evasive about their earnings because it is no one's business to know how much money she is making. Besides, any figure that she tells you will not take into account her rent, expenses and losses. Working as an elite escort in Knightsbridge may attract more clientele of an economic strata but it does not say much about her net profits.

5. Do you shop at Harrods every day?

Harrods is located in Knightsbridge, so it is highly likely that your Knightsbridge escort shops there. But this does not imply that she is some shopaholic addicted to shopping at Harrods every day!

6. Do you take hard drugs with your Knightsbridge clients?

This is a question in bad taste and escorts will not reveal what services she provides at discretion to certain clients. Just because she advertises herself as a party girl, it does mean that she takes harder drugs with her clients. It is best to avoid the topic of drugs or illegal substances with your Knightsbridge escort altogether. Many escorts working in Knightsbridge pride themselves on a clean lifestyle and will simply say no. 

7. Does your family/friends know you are escorting in Knightsbridge?

Escorts working in Knightsbridge may be asked how she could afford the housing in Knightsbridge-but this is none of your concern if her family/social circle knows. Most escorts keep their private lives distinct from her working life. If pressed, she will give you a vague/false answer anyways. 

8. Do you declare taxes for working as a Knightsbridge escort?

Many escorts working in Knightsbridge submit tax returns, especially if she wants to purchase assets or borrow money from the bank. There is no reason for you to ask her, because, you are not the HMRC man! Also, even if she doesn't pay taxes you do not know if this is due to earning below the threshold of taxes or if she is avoiding tax altogether. 

9. Are you working illegally in Knightsbridge/London?

Most escorts working in Knightsbridge are EU Nationals with a permit to work in London; if you suspect your escort of working illegally then simply avoid her services. Asking this question will not answer anything for you, as she may be lying about her working status. Exercise your own discretion when selecting escort service providers. 

10. Do you avoid some nationality of clients in Knightsbridge?

Most escorts working in Knightsbridge and London will have her own preference for clients. Do not pry or ask for reasons why; she may never reveal them due to personal situations. 

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