29 April 2016



Attractive Mature Escorts In London

In an industry where youth as well as experience is valued, mature escorts have managed to carve out a very successful niche for themselves. Young escort may have all the youth and ingenue appeal, but mature escorts have the experience and worldliness to show for it. In every London escort agency you see, the gallery is flooded with young faces. The average age must be no more than 25 with outliers in the early 30s. The truth is that, mature escorts are very much under-represented by the best London agencies, which is a shame because there is a demand for mature escorts in every city in the world.

One of the reasons why there are relatively fewer mature escorts is because of the high attrition rate for young escorts who decide to retire in their early 30s. Escorts who continue beyond their 30s and 40s would target a different market, away from the mainstream escort agencies, and possibly even advertise independently.

Another reason could be because escort agencies have a strict policy to represent only the most profitable escorts, that is escorts who could charge premium fees and earn the agency the greatest commission. The market value of high class escorts is inversely proportional to their age; generally, the older the escort, the less her hourly fees would be. Although this is not true with very high end escorts who become more specialised and refined with age, the general trend is downwards for fees as an escort reaches her early 40s and 50s.

For clients who actively seek mature escorts, they are the most alluring women in the world. What is it about them that makes them so irresistible to clients? In today's blog, Haute Girls will explain the attractions of mature escorts and what makes them different from the rest.

1. Mature escorts are less inhibited

Mature models less likely to be fazed by unusual or demanding bookings. This tough and worldly woman has seen, and done it all, and understands the depths of human desire with all its fetishes. A client can confide in a mature escort without the fear of being ridiculed or judged a bad person.

2.Mature escorts are more experienced at what they do

 They instinctively know how to please clients and to pace the booking for the maximum enjoyment. Practice makes perfect, and mature escorts have perfected the art of being a great hostess; they are attentive, gracious, sensual and very skilled. For discerning clients who prefer not to be rushed or feel neglected, mature escorts are able to deliver the standard of service that they are looking for.

3. Mature escorts have had more time to develop their personalities

Mature escorts are able to engage the client intellectually, emotionally and physically. One of the things that clients find irresistible about mature escorts is their grounded and secure nature. They seem more at peace with themselves, with their life and bodies without the highly strung anxious nature that a less secure escort would have. Through their further education and travels, a mature escort would be able to converse as an intellectual equal with clients.

4. Matures escorts tend to be more nurturing

Mature escorts can be more empathetic than younger escorts. Very young escorts may be unable to comfort and assure a client when he is feeling insecure or anxious. This is not the fault of the younger escort because she has not had the life experiences which an older escort would have, but it does mean she will not be able to show how affectionate or caring she is. They say that young and beautiful women don't have to try hard, and this could be the bad attitude that some younger escorts may have, who rely on their looks and charm to win clients instead of working on their personalities.

5. Mature escorts can teach you about patience

They can also teach you about sensuality, and relationships. First and foremost, a mature escort will please herself and show you how she would like to be pleased. Her confidence and comfort with her own body and desires is truly refreshing in comparison to less confident escorts. A mutually enjoyable time is made possible by an older escort in tune with her own needs and intuitive about yours.

6. Mature high class escorts are beautiful

They have a sophisticated sense of style and the confidence to wear perfume, jewellery and classy dresses well. Although they may not be a size 6 with perky, tight assets, their poise is very alluring.

7.Mature escorts are more likely to be tolerant

They are non-judgmental about different clients and nationalities. Many older high class escorts are well-travelled and au fait with the arts, language, culture and etiquette of different countries. Not only does this make her more interesting in the eyes of discerning clients, it also makes her a terrific companion for travels and sophisticated events.

8. Mature escorts are more centred and comfortable with herself

 Mature escort have the confidence which makes a booking more pleasant. Clients appreciate an older escort's sense of humour, which can be intelligent and dry at the same time! Although you may think an older escort is too relaxed and laid back, she is always perceptive and knows exactly how to take control of a booking In fact, clients who are shy, feels inhibited or prefer a more assertive escort will do best with a mature escort.

9.Mature escorts are more mature in their attitude

Mature escorts will be respectful, considerate and willing to understand their clients even if they are immature. She tries to see the best in people, because she knows that they could misrepresent themselves with words and may have had difficult relationships with women. Some clients admire the mature escort's lack of ego and reluctance to engage in head or power games. Like the soaring eagle, she has a bigger view of things and just not interested in ruffling the feathers.

10. Mature escorts are professional

Mature escorts can be relied on to be discreet, calm and collected. An older escort is less likely to confuse true affection with business or let you down with the wrong attire or bad punctuality. An older escort appreciates the importance of time, and how to give you the best time of your life whilst allowing herself some pleasure too.

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