13 August 2019


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Client Retention Strategies For High End London Escorts

The easiest way to increase your client base as a London escort is not to lose them!

Being an escort means running a self employed business where you are the sole trader providing a valuable service. And did you know that annually, the average business will lose 20% of their clients? Depending on how unsuccessful you are at retaining your business clients as an escort, the leakage rate could be as high as 80%! Bearing in mind the high expenses of being a high class escort in London, this is a staggering cost to avoid. The implications of losing most of your clients is horrific if you want to profit in the longer term.

When I talk to escorts working in London and they say that 6 out of 10 clients come back for repeat bookings, and they add 4 new clients every month, that means 0% net growth every month. Compare this to an escort who retains 8 clients out of 10 every month and they add 4 new clients every month; this is healthier 20% net growth. With everything else being equal, the escort who retains more clients will enjoy the monetary benefits compounding over time. This is why some escorts in London make so much money without increasing their expenses every month. 

Client retention for escorts also works out in unexpected ways! The effect could cascade and multiply over the months bringing the escort more money and longer term profits. If you plan on escorting for more than a year, then pay attention to client retention. 

Contrary to common belief, client retention is not really about spending more money on advertising or trying to find higher net worth clients. It is not about implementing some jedi mind tricks to make your clients make repeat bookings. Here are some client retention strategies for escorts that can be implemented today:

1. Reduce the attrition rate of your clients

It is inevitable that escorts lose some clients with time; it could be that the client becomes inactive, find other escorts or move to a different location.

Every high class escort knows the importance of investing a lot of time and effort into attracting those first clients. The initial client base, or establishing yourself as an escort can take the most energy! It is counterproductive, then, when the escorts let their efforts go to waste by not retaining clients. They may lose interest in the client after getting the booking, or leave that client relationship unattended. They may see the client as a 'one time only,' client to make a quick buck before moving onto the next new client. See what is the problem here? The escort will have to invest all that energy and effort again into attracting new clients to replace the clients that never come back. 

Over time, a high attrition rate of clients will eat away at the profits and energy of the escort making her job harder and needlessly expensive. The easiest way to grow a client base is to keep them, otherwise you will be paying too much for expensive photoshoots, expensive advertising and etc. You do not want to be that escort who makes a loss or barely breaks even every month. 

2. Your service is valuable and worth the client spending on!

It does not matter what fees you charge as an escort, it is your job to communicate to the client that you are worth every penny.

Clients can get buyers remorse really bad after booking an escort; they may think they have wasted their money or you didn't live up to the advertising. After locking in the client with a booking, now is your chance to sell yourself even more! Convey your value, and why your clients have made the right decision to book you. They could have booked another girl but your services are superior, right? If you are good enough for your client to come back to, then you have justified the cost of your services in your client's mind and this will start the cascading effect of growth in your business.

For example, a satisfied client who perceives you as great value for money may write a positive review about you on escort review forums (bringing in more business), or refer your services to a wider circle.

3. Some clients' interests could be reactivated

Instead of investing huge amounts of resources into attracting new clients, how about concentrating on the ones you have? Most escorts have dormant clients who are receptive to bookings but need a gentle nudge once in a while. This is a chance for you to regenerate their interests; a message to remind them or seasonal greeting works well. You can also entice them with a special offer, or limited time only offers. The advantage is that these clients have tried your services and know what to expect. Clients love the tried and tested route instead of sampling new escorts all the time. If you are good at what you do, then the client will want to experience the pleasure of being with you again. 

A bit of guilt psychology is also at work here; some clients may feel obligated to visit their favorite escorts and want to champion you. I know of escort girls who mention it is their birthday or the holiday season and clients lavish gifts and more bookings with them. 

4.  Maintain communication at your and your client's discretion

Sometimes in life, being at the right place at the right time could be massively profitable. Of course you can maximise your chances by being in your client's minds a lot!

Many successful high class escorts build relationships through text, email or WhatsApp/Social media to keep a reign on their clients. This is exactly what the best sales people do-they keep clients interested at the pre-sales, sale and post sales process. This works on clients because they feel valued by the escort. Whether it is true or not, the clients feel as if the escort place some importance on them enough to keep them informed, intrigued, and excited. It also offsets post booking remorse because the client feels part of a special club and that the escort is appreciative/thinking about them even after the booking is over.

5. Extraordinary client care and service

Haute Girls London wrote a blog about what it takes to become a high class escort in London and we cannot emphasise enough the importance of a great client service. 

Why do clients continue to do business with some escorts over others? It is simply because these escorts have excelled at client care at the pre-booking, actual booking and post-booking stage. The client feels valued and that the escort's service was excellent value for money. 

As mentioned earlier, some clients will even spread the word about excellent service! 

The most successful escorts working in London have a strong pursuit of excellence. 

What do I mean by extraordinary level of service?

-Is it superior and more attentive than services provided by comparative escorts in your area? For example, if you charge £300 per hour, are you providing a better standard of service and client care compared to another local escort charging £300 an hour?

-Do you have the appearance, skillset, level of education and social acumen that is superior to another escort with the same fee?

-Are your clients consistently telling you that you should charge more/or your level of service is much better than they expected?

-If you have published reviews of you on London escort forums, do they talk of your excellence, consistency and commitment to client care?

-Are you delivering more than you promise/advertise?

Due to the competitive nature of the London high class escorts industry, excellence is really a comparative game. If the general standards of escorts services is low, then to be excellent does not take as much effort. If you are aware that you are a cut above the competition, then you must take advantage of that. Unfortunately, when competition is fierce, this drives standards higher (which is great for the client, but translates to more effort on the escort's part).

6. Courtesy 

A little courtesy goes a long way when you are dealing with clients, and anyone involved in your escorting business. This includes your photographer, web master, escort agency. You never know who is going to talk about you, or promote your interests. 

I know one escort who was extremely courteous towards her clients, escort agency, and escort photographer, who then recommended her services to new clients and the photographer went above and beyond in creating an incredible portfolio. Although seemingly inconsequential, this positive effect cascaded into her business.

I also know an escort who was known to be rude to her clients. escort agency, driver, web master and other escorts working with her; she lost a lot of business and credibility. Some agencies even blacklisted her and she had to leave London to try her luck in another city.

Courtesy is a powerful interpersonal skill that makes all your social contacts feel good/valued. Not only will it motivate them to treat your better, it also builds trust that will lead to longer term profitability. 

7. Consistency creates credibility 

There are escorts who rests on their laurels after making some money, and then start losing clients. Long term success in the escorting business depends on consistency and not taking shortcuts. 

If your clients experience inconsistency in their bookings, they might think you're a fluke and not come back again. Worse, they will believe that your standards are slipping, which means you're no longer a safe bet for their time.

Consistency is demonstrated by the way you handle small things as an escort, as well as the big things. Being punctual, following dress requests, maintaining your looks may seem like little things but they will add to your credibility as a high end service provider. You only need to disappoint your clients once and they may never return to you. 

8. Measure lifetime value of your client

Escorts who lose the most clients sees clients as one-off profit opportunities; they ignore the bigger picture of the aggregate profit!

The total aggregate profit of just one regular client can be huge over the lifetime of their business relationship with you. If some escorts recognised this, they would put more effort into taking care of that client. It will minimise your marketing expenditure, which is crucial to longer term profitability.

9. A constructive criticism is a gift 

The most successful London escorts that I know of are always interested in client feedback, even negative ones. They want to know where they did great and which areas of their service to impove on.

There are unhappy clients who will never reveal to escorts why they disliked the service; they may vent in a review site and would not give the escort another chance to redeem herself. This is not because they are malicious, they just feel too frightened/angry/disppointed to tell the escort to her face. Also, it is human psychology to shy away from confrontation. 

When clients give negative feedback to the escort or constructive criticism, there is actually a chance to redeem. They are telling you that they would come back if x, y and z were improved on. They see the potential in you and would risk their money again if things changed.

Therefore, constructive criticism is a chance for you to return clients to their state of satisfaction. If you respond positively to the criticism, the client will see that you hold yourself accountable for the services provided and that you care.

10. Create content in Blogs, Websites, Social media 

When you are working as a high end escort in London, it is a sound business decision to diversify your promotions. Instead of relying on an escort agency for clients, or even an independent listings website, you should make your presence known on your own personal website (this always look more professional for clients), and social media. Please note, that any website or social media for promoting your escort services should be distinct and separate from your personal social media!

This way, you have more control over your own promotions and it has a trickle down effect on retaining your client base. Firstly, when you create content on your own escorting website and social media, you are telling your clients that you mean business! You are making your name as an escort, getting attention and showcasing your intelligence/personality/wit. You are also establishing yourself for the long term because content will benefit your search engine optimisation, and cultivate a brand name.

A brand name for your escorting services is very valuable; it makes you easier to search for, remember and clients will come to associate you with that brand. If you are creating content that is sexy, enticing and interesting, this will retain the interest of your clients and help you attract new ones. Websites and social media have an international reach so you may attract an international client base! 

Secondly, creating content will help re-engage your existing client base. They will wonder about you, your movements and want to keep in touch. It could be that sexy new picture you have posted to SnapChat/Instagram/Twitter, or thought provoking blog post on your website; it will renew clients interest in you!

Thirdly, putting all your eggs in one basket of promotions is no good when sites undergo glitches/shutdowns/disappears on search engine results. What would you do if your sole source of advertising vanishes?!

11. Loyalty programs for your best clients

When it comes to client care, showing appreciation will go a long way. 

Your best clients will love it if you acknowledge them by offering some exclusive perks, multiple hour discounts (some discounts for longer bookings), priority booking or seasonal offers.

Please note that this is not the same as giving every client a discount, special perks or extra time. Loyalty programs are to incentivise clients to book you again and to reward those who are loyal/big spenders. Remember the life-time value of clients? Even if you lose a little in the short term by offering loyal clients discounts or exclusive services, over time you still have a big aggregate profit from that client. 

Clients should have a good reason to book you again and you give them the reason to become loyal clients. Other clients will see and hope to become a loyal client too to enjoy the perks.

For instance, one successful escort I know gives her best clients priority booking so they can book her at short notice. She also gave a discount for overnight bookings, which incentivised her client to book her more over the months. She created greater value for her loyal clients and they really had no good/justifiable reason to change service providers.

12. Ask for reviews or feedback

Whenever possible, ask for feedback or a written review from existing clients. Whether it is constructive criticism or praise worthy review, it will make you more aware of the standard of services provided. Every client is different so this gives you their perspective of the escort services.

High class escort reviews are vital in establishing trust and also attract new clients. It has a casading effect especially if it is highly positive. If you have a website, or social media, you can link reviews to them or use it as a testimonial. When existing clients see you have a review published about your services, they may be motivated to write their own, or they may be reminded of what a great experience it was to book you.

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