19 August 2013


                            What happens when you book elite escorts in London?

What happens when you book elite London models?

When a client first looks into booking an elite London escort, he is overwhelmed by the many different terms used to describe a booking. For example, he or she may be offered the option of an incall, outcall, hotel or dinner booking depending on their preference. In this two part blog, Haute Girls will explain the terminology of such bookings, what they entail and how the client may prepare him or herself for a booking.

Firstly, the most common type of booking by clients is an incall. This is an arranged visit to the escort's venue. At Haute Girls elite escort agency, all of our models are located within travel fare zone 1 of London, so finding their incall location is not difficult with the many transport links available to the client. The fact that many models use a location close to the London tube stations makes visiting them that much easier during lunch, or vis a vis meetings which require commuting in London.

The accessibility and ease of incalls make this a pragmatic choice for many clients. Also, for very high end escorts, the venue they choose to entertain clients are discreet, clean and located within the more salubrious areas of London. When an escort describes her incall apartment as a home away from home, you can expect a powerful shower, luxurious toiletries and the most comfortable Egyptian cotton sheets. Some of our ladies are connoisseurs of fine art and wine. A visit to their incall location is like a sensory experience that cannot be rivalled, and Haute Girls are proud to say-reflects the high calibre and discerning taste that our models possess. We have had many satisfied clients who commented on the spa like relaxation that our elite escorts has been able to provide at their incall venues. Fine wines, artisan candles and an attentive companionship are just some of the perks of incall bookings.

Booking escorts for hotel outcalls

Another option would be to invite your elite London escort of choice to your pre-arranged venue. This may be a private residence, hotel or even a public venue. Our models only ask that the time and cost of transport is remunerated by you when she embarks on an outcall. This is why sometimes, a minimum of two hours booking is required by outcall bookings when the distance travelled and the cost of travel is more. There is a balance where the outcall booking requested is compensated well enough and whether it will be worth an escort's while to accept the booking. To make an outcall booking, the client has to provide some information with regards to address, room number so that the escort Agency may verify this first for the escort's safety. If additional information is not provided, then the Agency cannot compromise the escort's safety by sending her to a false address. Client screening and safety of the escort is always paramount to any booking and the escort has a discretion to refuse bookings for her own reasons which do not have to be explained by the Agency.

What you should know about outcall London escort bookings

As explained in the above, incall and outcall bookings are popular choices for clients. Both options have their own advantages when you consider the proximity of where you are, the money that you are willing to spend and even how well you know an elite London escort. At Haute Girls we have many exceptional escorts who offer incall bookings. In their incall venues there are usually luxurious amenities which the clients can avail themselves of.

Outcall bookings are pragmatic decisions for clients who do not wish to leave their own habitats. This could be for convenience or just the comfort of entertaining an elite London escort at their own home. The only hurdle with outcall bookings, if you can describe it as such, is the safety procedures prior to the escort arriving. The escort Agency will need to have a landline number, real name, or the full address to check on the electoral roll or 192.com. For the peace of mind of all parties, it is best that the escort feels safe and for the client to know that we are a reputable escort agency who is concerned about our escort's safety.

Many clients are excellent hosts who instinctively know how to make the escort feel at home. A hotel booking would be an example of an outcall for the escort to visit the client at his or her hotel location. Often, this is a comfortable, if not deluxe suite, which the client deems suitable to accommodate a party of two. An elite London escort will not demand excessive hospitality, but it is courteous to offer her a drink and shower if she has been travelling for a long time. Our elite London escorts are very discreet for hotel bookings so you can be assured that she is dressed in a low-key way without drawing any attention to you. Again, the escort agency will verify the hotel address and room number by giving a call to the client through reception. This is done very discreetly and Haute Girls do not need to mention that you are booking through an escort agency.

At Haute Girls, our elite escorts are used to the hotel outcall procedures and how to entertain you within an interior space. Indeed, some high class London escorts prefer the more personal setting where they feel less inhibition about providing an elite escort experience. Because of their stunning beauty and adroit social manners, many clients wish to book elite escorts for VIP events, corporate functions or even fine dining experience.

A dinner booking takes place in a public venue, with an hour or two of personal time if there is any extra space for dessert. At Haute Girls London escort agency, our high class models have a good to fluent command of English, intelligence and an engaging manner to spice up any dinner bookings. Some are very cultured and can offer an epicurean view of the restaurants; other escorts who are international companions are open minded about any type of cuisine, and of course the erudite elite London escorts could converse about anything from current affairs to fine wines. The success of dinner bookings, or any outcall bookings where specialist skills are required, is to communicate in a clear way with the escort agency your needs. A bespoke introductions agency like Haute Girls would not recommend you anyone who is available at any given time, but would rather that you meet the best fit.

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