09 October 2013


What You May Not Know About High Class London Escorts

There are many things written about escorts from the sensational and prurient to the mundane. The subject of high class escorts seems to be a subject matter that never ceases to fascinate, especially in light of some high profile figures embroiled in tabloid furor. Rather than dispel some of the escort myths, this blog will give you a few facts that are less well known.

There are more escorts working in London than you think

Even if you add together all the escorts being advertised online, on weekly supplements and the adult guides to London, the actual number of escorts working in London will be higher. Many escorts are promoted through word of mouth, via exclusive connections or are simply inconspicuous for legal reasons.

Escorts can have several professional aliases

Other than having an escorting alias, some escorts market themselves differently under several aliases. By offering different services, escorts can appeal to a wider range of clients. Also, to appeal to client's unique valuations of an escort service, escorts can even use price differentials to maximise their business.

Most high class escorts are degree educated or above average in intelligence

The stereotype of an attractive bimbo being paid for her time is blown away by statistics; most high class escorts are independent, shrewd and degree educated women who may even have a full time career alongside her escorting job. Although the escort industry is seemingly obsessed with youth, the average age of escorts in London is in the late 20s. Being an elite escort is not just about youth and perfect looks; an engaging personality and superior social skills are also paramount to success. Just like any competitive sector, up market escorting requires good business acumen.

Escorts have performance anxiety too

In an industry where an escort's reputation could ruin her business, maintaining consistently great reviews requires effort. Clients assume that all elite escorts are assured in their entertainment skills but that is her professional facade. Even very experienced escorts are keen to improve their skills and are rather hard on themselves when it comes to meeting their client's expectations. Many clients admits to feeling inadequate in the company of a high class escort, but the truth is-both parties should relax a bit more.

Escorts do pay their taxes

Many escorts are registered with HMRC and declare their annual income just like any other independent contractor. There are even UK accountants who specialise in audits for escorts. It is a misconception to think that cash in hand transactions are never recorded; escorts who, for instance, decide to put down a deposit for property or save into an ISA/pension will declare their income for tax purposes.

Agency commissions can be as high as 70%

In London, the standard agency cut is around 35%-40%; many agencies provide transport and accommodation for escorts so their commission is greater. Agency commissions is not something which clients discuss with escorts, but perhaps it would surprise them to know that in some cases escorts only take home 30% of their escort fees.

Social media is a powerful way to promote escort services

Networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, WordPress, Blogspot.com and LinkedIn are all used by escorts to reach a wider client base. The high volume of traffic for these websites allows better exposure and at the same time helps the escort to engage with her potential clients in a unique way. Real time updates, personal vignettes/blogs and enticing photos are all ways escorts could promote their personas.

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