28 November 2018


              What type of men book elite escorts in London?

What Are Elite Escort Services?

Elite escorts are considered a luxury service for which demand increases in proportion to increasing incomes. The connotations of elite escort services in London include: affluence, higher social status and more often than not, associated with wealthy men. Of course, there are women who purchase elite escort services in London as well; it can be accessed by anyone who can afford the premium prices.

Why are some escorts defined as elite?

Elite means the very best, reflected in the quality, experience and expertise of the escort. An elite escort in London may be superlative in looks, education, social skills or simply famous. There are celebrities working as elite escorts in London and they are usually introduced to clients through a management agency.

For the purposes this article, we will define elite escorts as charging more than £400, which is higher than the market average in the London escorting industry.

As of 2018-2019, this is the pricing of different types of London escort service providers:

Elite escorts-£400+ per hour

High end escorts-£200-£350 per hour

Mid range escorts-£110-150

Lower end/massage parlours-£110 or less

Please note that escorts working in London charging £600 or £1000+ an hour are also classified as elite, albeit very elite. 

Who Are The Consumers Of Elite Escort Services?

Hiring elite escort services seems a possibility for everyone over the age of 18 with an Internet access. The psychological appeal of elite escorts is undeniable-she is gorgeous, coveted for her allure, in scarce supply and her hourly rate is reassuringly expensive.

Unless you are affluent or have a disposable income to afford elite escort services, spending time with her will impact your bank statement. 

This brings us to the irrational client who books elite escorts in London:

1. The irrational client

It is a well known fact that consumers do not behave rationally, but rather, make purchasing decisions through their emotional state. Consider the enormous consumer debt in the UK; the irrational client would be the type who act aginst their best fiscal interests. Hiring elite escort services is a prime example of how irrational some clients can be-a well reviewed escort can be hired for £150 or less in London, yet clients will spend more for an elite escort based on his emotions. It has always been the case and client's desire for the finer pleasures in life will never change!

2. The client buying into elite escorts marketing

Elite escort services are marketed as exclusive and desirable. Clients who consider different escort options in London will look at the positive elements of elite escorts whilst ignoring the disadvantages: cost. Elite escorts are advertised through premium looking websites, and once a relationship is established between an elite escort and client, there is immense loyalty. An elite escort may be no better than other escort alternatives in London but expensive price points do not faze these clients. Elite escorts are masters of marketing.

3. Clients who perceive lower priced escorts as inferior

Clients rationalise their decisions to book elite escorts because they believe that cheaper escorts in London are inferior. They are quick to point out the negatives of lower priced escorts: they are unclean, impolite, economical with services and unattractive. In their minds, there is a reason for the cheap prices. They conclude that elite escort services are superior, after all, the laws of supply and demand apply. According to studies by National Academy of Sciences, consumers truly believe that they get better quality when they pay more. 

4. Clients who want a boost in self esteem

The Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, found that the consumption of luxury was linked to self esteem and perception of self. Even for clients living paycheck to paycheck, hiring elite escort services can increase their self esteem and give them the experience of affluence. If they can afford it, they feel as if they are part of an exclusive club enjoying the finer things in life. 

5. Clients who want the ultimate in luxury

An Elite escort is the ultimate in luxury personal services; it allows clients to savour the company of a beautiful woman who is highly valued for her escorting services. This gives the client an intense experience that rewards their hard work. If they can afford the best, they really expect the best. This is the reason some clients bypass the lower priced escorts and pay more for elite escort services. Despite appearing to be the same, the client feels that he is enjoying a luxury prohibitive to others. They want to show off the fact that they can hire elite escort girls and that they are part of the affluent circle.

6. Clients who are wealthy

Wealthy clients with the disposable income to afford elite escort services will do so for a variety of the aforementioned reasons. For some wealthy clients, booking cheaper escorts simply does not bring them the enjoyment or emotional satisfaction. Strong emotions can be attached to the label elite, whether it is a rational choice or not. Being able to afford elite escorts also provides a sense of acceptance from others in the top 0.1%.

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