10 August 2019


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These Elite Escorts In London Are Considered The Most Beautiful

This is a very common question that gets asked: who are the most beautiful escorts in London?

More specifically, who are the most elite and beautiful London escorts?

A common question, yet tough to answer since appraisal of a woman's physical beauty is so subjective. As an elite escorts service, we represent some of the most stunning female escort companions in our epoch and current culture. Of course, the standard for female beauty varies from decade to decade. In the London escorts industry, the higher end of the market showcases a standard of beauty that appeals to the most affluent in society. Elite escorts reflects the preference of the most wealthy and influential men, not necessarily what every man desires.

Interestingly, the faces of elite escort girls in London complies with the calculations of the Marquardt Beauty Analysis. This is the theory that facial beauty can be mathematically calculated; harmony and symmetry is key to an attractive face. This seems to suggest there is an objective standard of beauty that rests on a golden PHI ratio of 1.618 rather than culture or race. 

In addition to a harmonious face, elite escort girls also had:

A fit toned physique, proportionate figures, youthful features, vibrant skin/hair/nails, white teeth, and pronounced hip to waist ratio.

Having these physical traits meant that the escorts had good genes, signalling fertility and health. If she wants to appear more affluent, and even more beautiful, then she would also be well groomed, applied good makeup, dressed fashionably and maintained her looks with greater care.

Even though the world is more globalised than ever, standards of beauty can be exclusive and have elements of discrimination. Escorts may have diverse looks, but it is the most powerful men who decides what the elite standard of beauty should be. Elite escort agencies merely meet this demand for the elite standard of beauty.

Elite Latin Escorts

Why are clients are passionate about Latin escort girls in London? Elite Latin escorts from Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cuba and Venezuela reciprocates their passion with passion! It is a generalisation to say that Latin escorts are passionate, but most of the Latin ladies at Haute Girls London are! 

They are also considered to be some of the most beautiful escorts in accordance to the prevailing aesthetic tastes.

Their curvaceous figures, natural sun kissed complexion and sense of style are second to none!

The elite Latin escorts that you find at Haute Girls are truly gorgeous. They are selected for their attractive facial features, physique and personality. It is easy to see why clients would be drawn to their appearance and want to spend some quality time with them. When it comes to beauty, Latin escorts in London are definitely ranking highly.

Elite English Escorts

London is an English city, and as such, there is a demand for English escorts. The elite English escort girls are very beautiful, certainly, and have the English charm to go with it.

To be considered elite, English escorts have to be well groomed, charismatic, proportionate physique and clear featured. As you can see from the London agencies representing more elite English escort models, they are some of the most stunning women. Their beauty cannot be disputed at all, because they really are objectively stunning. Due to the ethnic makeup of English escorts, their facial bone structure can be exquisite and they have the fashionable figures that go well with any outfit.

The other persuasive feature about English escorts in London is their fluent command of the English language. This makes them stand out amongst thousands of escorts who do not communicate well in English.

Elite Nordic Escorts

Nordic escorts are high caliber companions who possess incredible looks and personality. They could be from Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, or Denmark, to name some countries, but one uniting feature of elite Nordic escorts is that they are very beautiful. 

It is a misconception that only blonde escorts from the Nordic countries are beautiful; there are stunning brunette Nordic escorts as well who dominates the London escorts scene.

There are genetic reasons why Nordic women are considered more beautiful by many men; they have stature, symmetrical features and a good waist to hip ratio that signals fertility. Of course, when the Vikings conquered England, they brought back to the Nordic countries the most beautiful women to procreate with. This resulted in beautiful offspring and more beautiful Nordic women. 

Elite Asian Escorts

In London, elite Asian escorts are considered niche service providers and some of the most beautiful. Stereotypes aside about their prowess in bed, Asian escorts are also popular amongst clients who want an exotic appearance.

Far Eastern escorts, such as beautiful models from Thailand, Korea, China and Japan are highly desired. Their appearance and facial features are very different from European escorts and make a great contrast in duo escort bookings. The most popular look for Asian escorts is black hair, smooth complexion and dark eyes. When clients book escorts from China, Japan or Korea, they typically look for a more doll like, and pale complexion. 

Due to the influence of westernisation and social media, many Asian escorts in London have occidental features, which are also considered beautiful. It is a matter of taste which type of Asian escorts are selected by clients. 

Elite Ebony Escorts

Elite ebony escorts are becoming more popular in London as clients become exposed to different standards of beauty and the influence of social media. With the rise of popular black female celebrities, the appearance of elite ebony escorts are more coveted than ever.

Since men are biologically programmed to love symmetry, larger breasts and wider child bearing hips in women, the hourglass shape sported by many elite ebony escorts are much sought after. You can see this female archetype of beauty amongst ebony escorts in London. However, the ebony escort girls with more European features such as straight hair and lighter skin are represented more by the elite agencies.

It is said that the most objectively attractive ebony escorts can be found in mainstream, and higher end London agencies. The most expensive ebony escorts in London are also regarded as the most attractive, with more eurocentric features. 

Elite Middle Eastern Escorts

A rarity in London, Middle Eastern escorts are coveted for their exotic beauty and great personality. 

Most Middle Eastern escorts in London are educated and feminine, which adds to their appeal. Due to their culture and upbringing, Middle Eastern women are also seen as mysterious. Their bodies and beauty are unattainable for many men, even if they are some of the most stunning women on earth.

The classic Middle Eastern beauty would be raven haired, Semitic eyes and nose, hourglass figured and have a glorious, olive complexion. For many men, this is the pinnacle in female beauty. 

Elite Eastern European Escorts

With their incredible bone structure and Slavic features, Eastern European escorts are considered some of the most beautiful. In fact, Kiev in Ukraine was voted as the city with the most stunning women. 

Why are Eastern European escort girls so attractive? From a holistic point of view, the Eastern European culture encourages good education and feminine manners, so Eastern European escorts are not only intelligent, they are also very feminine. The elite Eastern European escorts ranks highly for their presentation. You will find that the very top VIP escorts in London are also Eastern European, which means they meet the impeccable expectation of clients.

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