16 May 2018


Why do average looking escorts provide a superior service?

One of the sure things in life is that a stunning woman gets a lot of attention from men and she is less motivated to work hard on her personality. She may not have the best personality or work ethic but her appearance is passport to a lot of lifes opportunies. Many of the most stunning girls opt to become escorts because they just know that men will pay a premium rate for their looks alone and they can do the minimum work without sweating one bit. A very beautiful, model-like escort can command very high prices and be in demand to look pretty on the arms of her client. She may not even need to provide sexual services because some men are content simply to appear next to a gorgeous woman. Beauty is a status symbol that money can buy in our modern society.

What about the average, or even less good looking escorts in the marketplace? Clients still book them because they are red blooded males but there is more expectation in terms of service and personality. A client does not come back for repeat business if there is nothing special about the attention or service that he is getting. Therefore, an escort with only average looks must work hard to keep her clients happy.

Some of the experienced clients with more extensive experience of booking escorts will go to an average looking escort girl for above average service and a stunning model escort for the status symbol. He does not need both unless he is very lucky because this is how the marketplace for escorts work. He would prefer the average looking escort for an excellent service because of the following reasons:

There are more of the materialistic girl syndrome amongst the very expensive and good looking escorts. Not all of the most beautiful escort girls are like this, just most of them are clustered in this category. Her only motivation is money. She links everything under the sun with money and price tags. She is the one who step out with designer handbags, sports stilettos imported from Paris and flaunts high brand labels wherever she goes. This escort will only say yes if the client is famous and affluent. She insists on luxury hotel suites, the most expensive wine and of course the highest payment. His favorite things are most certainly not raindrops and kittens but jewels and designer dresses. She strives hard to live in a posh neighborhood and move in elite social circles. If you are looking for appearances more than a superior escort service, then this is the one. The material girl looks stunningly sexy but does not care about your satisfaction. Mind you, some clients enjoy an escort like this and equate conspicuous consumption with a better quality of service.

Another reason why clients might book an average looking escort over her better looking counterparts is the nature of the services provided. A plain looking escort cannot get away with providing boring and vanilla services if she wants to be very busy. She must not be mainstream in her services to remain competitive. This is the escort who has carved herself a niche in the escorting world. The services provided by this escort are mostly non-mainstream. This girl has fetishes and fantasies. She loves to explore new arenas and lets you explore with her. She does not shy away from bondage nor does she feel disinclined to have soft vanilla GFE. She is just a regular woman who got selected to provide clients with unique encounters and she took to liking it too. These escorts are known for their open-mindedness and off the beaten track kind of behavioral pattern. She deals with all the weird requests and complies to them with ease and grace.

A third reason for clients choosing average looking escorts is her admirable work ethic. How does a regular looking woman become one of the busiest working escorts -it is through her work ethic. Now this is an escort worth spending your money on. This woman works hard. Perhaps she is a single mother raising two kids on her own or perhaps she is paying her husband’s medical bills whatever be the reason, she is driven by a sincere need for money. The hardworking escort might not be the prettiest girl in the block but she sure knows her way about work. She works hard to earn. So be sure to get your money’s worth of a heavenly open minded and intimate experience with her. She is good at heart, at late night soulful conversations and at entertaining you as well.

An average looking escort may not be the most conventionally attractive but she might be that smart college student or talented girl next door. She is certainly well educated and decided to trade her time for money. Although she is not a stunner, her brains is enough to entertain you and keep you mentally stimulated all night. She is ideal for business functions or dinner bookings where she is expected to look lowkey and have the conversation skills to stand out in the proper ways.

A fourth reason for booking average escorts is that they are not the most expensive. They know their market value and will only charge for the clients they need to attract. Their rates being quite low, average looking escorts are hired pretty regularly and as such they are known for their expertise and are well experienced in their profession. An average looking escort is usually quiet and low profiled. Average looking escorts do not look like a celebrity or a fashion icon. They are simply attired and look graceful if not drop dead gorgeous. They do not have high demands, nor do they flaunt Gucci or Prada. They are low key professionals who can entertain their client as any other escort. Average looking escorts are more attractive to a client because they seem so real, just like the women he mingles with, like a homely body with a caring nature who will pat his head as well apart from getting physically intimate. It is so much easier to connect with average looking escorts especially for clients who hail from middle class families. Such clients can neither afford high profile escorts and nor do they want to. They are able to relate to these escorts because the average looking ones remind the client of their mothers and sisters, neighborhood brothers’ wives and so on. The connection that a client makes with such an escort is grounded in reality and very down to earth and intimate.

The affordability of hiring an average looking escort is one of the most compelling reasons as to why their service is opted for. The better service provided by such escorts owes to the instant connection made by the escorts. Apart from this average looking escorts are driven by sincerity and genuine need of finances. This is what makes them the best in terms of good quality escort service.

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